Why People Rave about Platinum’s Swim Leggings for Women

When you cross women’s favorite article of clothing: leggings, with expert design and style, what do you get? Hundreds of rave reviews about Platinum Sun’s swim leggings! We’re not kidding when we say women love how well our swim pants fit and feel. Boy do they hold up in and out of the water too. The quality has been compared to the best brands–without the crazy-high price tags. The other reason people get pumped in the reviews is that our leggings go with you, outside of water and land sports. Here’s a rundown of why people love our leggings with sun-protective fabric. We’ll also tell you everywhere to wear them. Our favorite: they go dancing, party!

swim leggings

When ordering online, the main question is: will it fit? We put time and love into crafting our leggings to fit many shapes. We attacked our size charts like engineers. The results are in: girls and women love the way they fit. Specifically, they stretch the right amount without becoming see-through. They fit long legs so they don’t become swim capris. Yet they don’t bother shorter women. With a wide waistband, muffin-top isn’t a problem. Our leggings fit just right. They’re not high waist or very low rise. They firm up the appearance of cellulite. These advantages have been verified by shapely women. Better yet, they keep fitting during exercise. Mostly, women swim and do water sports in them, some do dry sports, but some just kick it in front of the TV!

ladies swim leggings

In illustrating all the activities our fancy-printed, thick swim tights enjoy, we’ve got to start with the most interesting. They go to all the classes: yoga, barre, boxing, zumba and jazzercise. Platinum Sun’s quick-drying technology wicks away sweat so you can leave the gym in a dry, non-smelly state. They’re crossfit tough too.

Platinum Sun swim leggings

A nice badge of honor comes from our fitness instructors who love them. We know they try all. the. gym. clothes. Looking stylish and avoiding chafing when exercising daily is hard. Doing so without spending a fortune is its own challenge. Plus, who can take many extra showers? Fitness professionals who rock our swim leggings for women before and after work make us feel like our clothes graduated with honors!

Our leggings are stylish and more feminine than regular blacks and grays. So we’re glad to hear they brighten things up in rugged territory. Apparently, they’re Tough-Mudder-competition tough. They don’t miss a beat hiking in rainforests or wading through streams. Best of all, our hikers, backpackers and fisherwomen say they don’t smell funky after two days of trekking.

swim leggings for women

Speaking of toughness, they don’t snag or peel under pressure. That means breyers, water slides and pool-side cement don’t cause tears in the fabric. Of course, they’re not indestructible. When punctured, women have reported that the result was a small hole, NOT a tear or run that kept spreading or fraying.

Before anyone gets exhausted, let’s take a break from all the action Platinum Sun leggings participate in. Although we began as a water-sport apparel company, we delight in the softer uses of our clothing that just improve women’s lives. Mothers love wearing them. It prevents glopping on sunscreen every few hours. This can be a lifesaver. Especially if you have small children or are in charge of all the cousins or neighborhood kids. Some people just wear them to the store or around the house too.

woman swim legging's

For those who cannot be in the sun, the UPF-50 protection gives them more opportunities to get outside. UPF 50 is the highest available. Our leggings have been tested by those on burn-risk medications, those with skin conditions and burn victims. What better way to promote health than by helping people get outside? Meanwhile, the ability to throw them over a swimsuit is clutch. It provides versatility for those who don’t want that degree of sun protection all day. Since they’re not high rise, your tan lines can stay in line with a swimsuit. 

For the last…few thousand years, women have dealt with more difficult clothing than men. One area where men’s sportswear has been very enviable is for triathlons and similar swimming and biking competitions. Men’s swimwear and swim shorts just dry faster. So to see our leggings keeping women comfy in amphibious competitions is wonderful. 

surfing leggings

Many people combine swim leggings with a rash guard up top for tropical vacations. They’re great for destination yoga retreats too. You won’t need a gallon of sunscreen nor have to wear black.
Best of all, our swim leggings fight the standard that you MUST wear a swimsuit whenever you can. Why have women been expected to bare so much for decades? Why can’t people enjoy water and sun in pants? Many folks can actually stay out longer in them. One last question: Who wants to pack up a wet swimsuit, when our swim leggings dry quickly on your body and breathe? When hiking with water or doing several activities in a day, there’s no need to switch in and out of a swimsuit.

platinum sun swim leggings

Platinum Sun’s leggings are meant for more than just surfers, kiteboarders, divers and paddlers. Our second favorite use of them is for hot yoga. It’s a hard class to dress for. You know you’re going to SWEAT. But doing so without getting gross is a challenge. So whether you’re in a hot yoga cave, catching waves or chasing kids by the pool, Platinum Sun has your back, and all your leggage!

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