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Platinum Sun rash guards for men and women are crafted with the needs of watersports athletes in mind. Its longer length and sleeves, along with the rubbery strip on the bottom, ensure a secure fit and unbeatable protection against rashes and harmful sun damage. With no ride-up, you can focus on your performance with complete comfort and confidence while keeping your skin shielded from harmful UV rays.


          What are women’s rash guards?

          In general, a rash guard prevents rashes caused by water sports, such as from surf wax and the few grains of sand that may get caught in them. They’re also nice to wear under a wetsuit that may rub.

          Women’s rash guards aren’t that different from men’s. They may be cut in ways that better fit a female shape. Also, some of the best rash guards for women have thumb cutouts to keep the sleeves in place.

          Long-sleeve rash guards for women don’t only provide a little warmth, they provide more sun protection. Warmer thermal rash guards are available too. They can stave off wetsuit complexities for a few more weeks.

          Long-sleeve rash guards also help avoid bad sleeve tan lines! Rash guards tend to fit tightly, and some even compress your muscles for better endurance.

          Do rash guards have built-in bras?

          While built-in bras are often a nice feature of some clothing, they’re not common in women’s rash guards. Most lack built-in bras. They might become a more common feature of tank-style rash guards.

          Like a t-shirt or fitted exercise shirt is worn over a bra, both rash guards and swim shirts for women should be worn over a swimsuit.

          What is the difference between rash guards and wetsuits?

          Rash guards prevent rashes and can provide a little warmth. The best rash guards for women and men also provide sun protection. Meanwhile, wetsuits are specially designed for cooler water temperatures.

          Their thickness takes into account how much body heat to maintain on both your torso and your limbs. A wetsuit should keep you so warm that you don’t consider stopping until you’ve caught so many waves or ridden so much that you just can’t paddle anymore.

          Buy women’s rash guards now

          If you’re just starting to surf, it’s important to know that a rash guard is a necessity for the sport. Although you won’t need one every time, you’ll want to have one handy on the beach in case your skin gets irritated while the waves are still going off.

          Likewise, they’re great to wear for most other water sports. Women’s rash guards are getting more popular in general, since sunscreen can cause breakouts on your chest. Everyone knows it is a hassle to keep applying.

          At Platinum Sun, we know that we’ll see rash guards and swim shirts on regular beach and pool days more often in the future. We make our women’s rash guards with thumb cutouts and an anti-slip rubbery strip that keeps them in place at the bottom.

          Some have a shoulder zipper that gives you added convenience when putting it on or needing to adjust. A quick-drying polyester and spandex blend feels great for longer during your outing.

          With full sublimation, the design will stay intact year after year. Whether you’re a professional water-sports athlete, aspire to be a mermaid or just want to stay covered up, know that we’ve already thought of your comfort and convenience when designing our women’s rash guards. Nobody has ever accused Platinum Sun of forgetting about style either!

          Platinum Sun rash guard collections

          Platinum Sun’s rash guards are similar in their form and function. They have similar features like being UPF 50+ and having full sublimation. All rash guards should fit tightly. The thicker the fabric is, the tighter the rash guard will feel when worn. However, the rash guards differ because each collection represents the vision of a different designer. The collections may also vary in terms of the cut of the neck, the composition of the fabric and other small features, which are displayed on each product’s page.

          Rash Guard for Women - Comparison Chart

          Platinum Sun’s rash guards are similar in form and function, sharing features such as UPF 50+ protection and full sublimation. It's important to note that all rash guards are designed to fit tightly, with the tightness increasing with the thickness of the fabric when worn. However, each collection of rash guards represents the vision of a different designer, resulting in some variations. These collections may differ in the cut of the neck, fabric composition, and other small features, which are clearly displayed on each product’s page.

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