How to find the correct fit for your wetsuit?

Ensuring your wetsuit fits perfectly is crucial for its effectiveness in the water. Imagine it as an extension of your skin, fitting snugly without any loose material or overly tight spots that might limit your movement.

If you don't have the luxury of visiting a surf or kitesurf shop to try on different wetsuits, don't worry. The sizing charts provided by leading wetsuit brands are highly reliable and a great tool for online shoppers.

When fitting a wetsuit, either in-store or at home, aim for a snug, almost tight feeling. Remember, neoprene is a stretchy material that will adjust slightly after a few uses, becoming more comfortable over time. A wetsuit that feels loose from the start will likely allow too much water in as it doesn't compress against your body properly.

During the fitting, pay special attention to potential problem areas such as the armpits, shoulders, and groin. These spots shouldn't have any puckering, wrinkles, or extra fabric. A baggy fit in these critical areas means the wetsuit isn't fitting as it should.

Wetsuit Fitting Checklist

✔ The wetsuit initially feels snug and requires effort to put on.

✔ The neck area creates a secure seal without gaps.

✔ The fit across the arms, shoulders, chest, and groin is firm without excess space.

✔ Wrist and ankle openings are tight to prevent water entry.

✔ You have the freedom to move your arms in full circles and the flexibility to squat, lunge, and bend without significant restriction.

Why do you need a neoprene wetsuit?

Neoprene wetsuits are designed to get drenched and even stay soaked all day. They should be like a second skin that keeps you much warmer. They maintain warmth by trapping a layer of water inside that gets warm because of your body heat.

At first, this can feel a little odd, but once a wetsuit works its wonders for warmth and protection, you’ll see the advantage.  Neoprene wetsuits protect from the sun, from some chafing and from scrapes during water sports.

If you need more warmth but don’t want to buy a thicker wetsuit, a neoprene jacket over top may solve your problem. They’re a great solution if you’ll be out of the water for a while but returning later on. Likewise, a rash guard underneath the suit can help with warmth and rubbing issues.

How to put on a wetsuit

Because the material can be thick and doesn’t stretch as well out of the water, you might want to get used to taking it on and off at home, so you don’t waste time exposed in the cold air later.

If it’s difficult to get into but fits well, buy a lubricating solution to get into it easier. You may want to have someone help the first time. Putting it on calmly before arriving at the beach, or dock can save outdoor hassles and warm you up on the way there.

Caring for and storing a wetsuit

After you’re done using neoprene wetsuits in salt water, they should be rinsed several times in clean water. It can be a process, especially if you don’t have a nice hose setup. But the fun it affords you is worth it!

Using a neoprene cleaning product will help too. Let a wetsuit dry by hanging it on a thick hanger, not a wire one. They should dry out of direct sunlight. Ensure that it is completely dry on both sides and in any folds before storing it. Hopefully, it doesn’t stay packed away for long!

Women’s Wetsuits

Neoprene wetsuits for women are shaped differently from men’s. Although you might be able to get away with a man’s spring suit, once more fabric is in the picture, you may need a women’s cut depending on your shape.

Women tend to just wear a regular swimsuit under a wetsuit. One with a sports-bra shape is best. Tanks and rash guards may add comfort or warmth. Platinum Sun’s 2 mm neoprene wetsuits and shorty swimsuits are great for sub-tropical climates, the more extreme water sports.

They also work for colder climates in the warmer months. Luckily, neoprene wetsuits for women tend to be more stylish and fun nowadays than they were in the past. They can also be more fun than a lot of men’s dark, boring suits. Platinum Sun didn’t enlist just any designers for our water apparel; we believe our neoprene wetsuits should look fun and interesting. It’s the twenty-first century, not a 60’s scuba expedition.


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