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Where to buy yoga mats

Yoga mats and accessories are for sale online, in sports stores, department stores and discount stores. However, many mats on the market aren’t of good quality. They might peel after rounds of cleaning and may not lie flat on the floor after having been rolled up. Also, most mats available are thin.

Anyone who has done yoga knows that your knees, hands and the bones in the top of your feet prefer thicker mats. Thin mats can cause beginners to dislike yoga. It’s better to buy a thicker, high-quality mat.

Although there’s not much difference in the quality of some yoga accessories like blocks and rubber balls, yoga mats are a more important purchase. Yoga can bring such relief from life’s stresses and can develop unprecedented strength and flexibility. For that reason, many people have a little attachment to their mat.

What are yoga mats made of?

Yoga mats can be made from a variety of materials. Most often, they’re made from synthetic rubber materials, like polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride and other sketchy materials.

Nowadays, yoga mats made from non-toxic materials provide more natural options. A popular yoga mat material is cork. Since cork is the bark of a tree and regenerates, it’s a sustainable option.

Also, it’s hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Platinum Sun only offers cork yoga mats, for these and other reasons. Cork is naturally bouncy and always lays flat. If the mat starts to get funky, a little sandpaper can renew the surface without causing undue harm.

How to clean yoga mats

After channeling the zen of a yoga class or an at-home session, it’s easy to forget to clean your yoga mats and accessories. There are many recipes for natural cleaning solutions online that will keep your mat perfectly fresh.

Also, there are natural products you can buy online that save the trouble of mixing them up. When combining an order with other yoga accessories, the shipping cost won’t be bad.

How to store yoga mats

Yoga mats are most easily stored by being rolled up into a cylinder. Good yoga mats come with a strap to buckle them into place and carry them. In the event of multiple yoga or exercise classes in a row, they can also be hung over a bar.

This provides easier access. Unlike some sports and workout equipment, yoga mats and accessories are usually compactable, with the exception of bolsters.

What are Platinum Sun’s yoga mats like?

Platinum Sun’s yoga mats are the ideal thickness, very durable and some have beautiful designs. They’re eco-friendly and made of quality cork. The elephants and other artistic designs can separate your mat and make you feel like it is truly your own.

Of course, now the majority of yoga accessories are for women in most parts of the U.S.  Since not everyone prefers designs and there’s an uptick in the popularity of yoga accessories for men, a plain cork mat completes the collection. Luckily, as yoga grows in popularity, yoga accessories show up in more stores and online retailers.



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