What water-sports accessories does Platinum Sun offer?

Platinum Sun offers water-sports accessories with extra features. We don’t just make run-of-the-mill garments or products. Thought, planning, and quality control go into the design and manufacturing.

Our beach towels are designed with water-sport enthusiasts’ needs in mind. Simikitelarly, our adventure dry bag is our pride and joy. It opens up possibilities for boarders, boaters and folks who love spending time water side.

What makes Platinum Sun’s beach towels different?

They’re designed to be super-packable, yet beach-worthy. The key to their magic is a thin, lightweight, soft fabric. It’s a towel that you love having around. Although it packs easily, it knows how to live it up at the beach properly.

In fact, because they won’t drag sand with them, our beach towels might be expert beach and water-sports accessories. Since water-lovers and water-sport athletes are always hopping in and out of the water, they know there’s nothing worse than sand sticking to the underside of a damp towel.

After that, it’s hard to extract the sand until the towel is fully dry. And even then, it can take some elbow grease. We’ve eliminated this problem, because water-sport athletes or boaters may need to pack the used towel in a bag before leaving. No one wants to do that with sand matted into the towel, and you no longer have to.

What makes Platinum Sun’s Blue Adventure Dry Bag different?

A few years ago, there seemed to be a fork in bag options for outdoors people: dry bags or backpacks. Well, the Blue Adventure Dry Bag breaches the gap between the two. It has the conveniences and comfort of a hiking backpack but is made for rugged water adventures. It’s the best of both worlds.

With varied pockets and compartments, string fasteners and mesh water bottle sleeves, you don’t have to chuck everything in the main compartment. We know when you’re forced into the main compartment, sometimes you have to unpack everything. Our favorite feature is the expandable bottom compartment to store wet items or shoes.

As far as getting the bag moving, a few features make it the best adventure companion. Up top, a roll-down and clip apparatus is the dry-bag hallmark executing the waterproofing magic. Upon slinging it over your shoulder, you’ll see that the padded straps are made for marathon-like adventures, not sprints.

The lower front buckle helps redistribute weight off your shoulders that might ache from paddling or kiteboarding. A top clip enables your chest to bear some weight too and keeps it in place on boarding expeditions. Finally, the 500D PVS tarpaulin ensures this bag is as tough as you are. Depending on your tolerance for scraping against rocks and sand, it might even be tougher!

Although it’s ready for elite water sports and rugged adventures, it also enjoys urban outings. It’s a perfect carry-on for a plane or train. It can alleviate the need to pack a separate water-sporting bag within your larger bag. When it comes to water-sports accessories, Platinum Sun tried to make our items multi-purpose. That way you aren’t weighed down with gear and clothes.


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