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When do you wear neoprene jackets?

Neoprene jackets are the cool-weather solution for many types of water sports and boating. From kitesurfing to paddleboarding to fishing, many types of athletes and beachgoers are always glad to have worn them.

Both neoprene swim jackets and regular neoprene jackets make sports enjoyable in cold weather. By dealing with water, wind and cold like no other material, neoprene keeps you comfortable for hours on end.

What should you consider when buying a neoprene jacket?

When purchasing a neoprene jacket, you’ll need to consider the factors of temperature, wind and the amount of water you’ll experience regularly (as opposed to during occasional falls when paddleboarding or windsurfing).

Often, unisex jackets work because they don’t fit so tightly that his and hers cuts are necessary. Consider whether you’ll wear it more as a jacket, like for fishing, or as a wetsuit when more often dunked in the water. If you’re likely to get submerged, drainage holes will help.

Kitesurfers should really purchase jackets with harness zippers and other specialized features. Finally, there’s no need to wear plain neoprene swim jackets or coverage jackets when there are cool designs that let you express yourself. Although neoprene jackets’ fashion hasn’t quite caught up to rash guards or even some wetsuits, you don’t have to wear all black or grey like you’re attending a dolphin’s funeral.

How do you clean neoprene jackets?

Neoprene is a flexible synthetic rubber designed for water sports. It’s not like other fabrics.  Always rinse neoprene in cool or mild water right after it’s been hit with saltwater. Rinse it multiple times when possible.

It might be easy to forget about washing neoprene jackets if they’re only exposed to a little saltwater and sand but not submerged. However, to avoid premature aging, it’s best to rinse it every time.

Use cleaning products designed for neoprene, and don’t machine wash it. Finally, you’ll want to keep it away from heat. Remember not to even leave neoprene in your car where it can heat up.

Why does Platinum Sun have the best neoprene jackets?

Platinum Sun’s neoprene jackets are a cut above because of the quality of the material and the features. From the top of the hood to the waistline, water-sports enthusiasts will find their needs have been anticipated.

Dura-flex neoprene is flexible and strong in the right ways. It’s also windproof. With a drawstring cord to retract to a tighter size and drainage holes to extract water, the hood is determined to keep you as warm and dry as possible.

A strong zipper can withstand your urgency to get going or take it off. In fact, Platinum Sun uses the strongest zipper made so you can be sure of your investment. Adjustable wrist straps keep any size of arms warm and dry.

Kitesurfers love the harness zipper opening that was specially designed for them. Whether you’re boating, working on a dock, or boarding, keep warm and stay drier. Neoprene jackets let you have a blast without worrying about the wind and cold.


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