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We are the owners, designers, and Miami kiteboarders behind our brand


Welcome to Platinum Sun, where passion meets innovation - the brainchild of two sisters who adore the watersports lifestyle! We're Marina and Olena, kitesurfers with a burning passion for blending quality, comfort, style, and practicality into your aquatic adventures. Born to Ukrainian parents and raised in Germany and Italy, we're now happily settled in Miami, Florida, where we've immersed ourselves in the vibrant local kiteboarding community. Marina, previously a financial analyst, accountant, and professional ballroom dancer, occasionally dedicates her free time to being a kitesurf instructor for South Florida Kiteboarding. Many of her passions have manifested in Platinum Sun. Since 2023, she has also been pursuing her passion as a sea captain, exploring the expansive ocean and integrating the wisdom acquired from her adventures into Platinum Sun. Meanwhile, Olena, a trained architect, now applies her knack for structure creation and alteration to Platinum Sun, primarily overseeing product design, visual marketing, and the website.


Our brand's inception came from a personal need. We found the selection of women's watersports clothing disappointing - lacking durability, style, and, most importantly, affordability. As passionate Miami kiteboarders and designers, we set out to solve this problem ourselves.

We started in 2014 with a modest budget of $700, an unwavering focus on comfort, style, durability, and a dream to offer our community better sun-protective clothing options. Today, Platinum Sun stands as a testament to our perseverance and love for watersports, offering a brilliant range of high-quality, affordable products that bear our unique touch.

Now we receive help from passionate team members located in water-sport hotspots throughout the world like Cabarete in the Dominican Republic, Lo Stanone in Sicily, Italy, Boracay in the Philippines, and Brazil. Platinum Sun apparel comes to life through the creative genius of clothing designers in the United Kingdom. The future for the stateside and international team at Platinum Sun looks as bright as the Miami Sun that inspired the name!


Each product is a labor of love, rigorously tested by us to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, designing each item with the aim of elevating your watersports experience. Our products aren't just designed to be stylish and durable; they also offer practical solutions, keeping your needs in mind. Our most profound inspiration strikes when we're out in the water - surfing, kiteboarding, or simply basking in the moonlight on a boat. These moments transform into sketches, then digital designs, and finally into sample products. Once they pass the testing phase by kiteboarders and athletes worldwide, they earn a spot on Platinum Sun's online store.

"We've done the hard work for you! We've designed the ideal rash guard, leggings, and DryBag for watersports, crafted through years of dedicated research and development. Years of research, countless upgrades, exceptional products for your watersports adventures."


When we were brainstorming the perfect name for our brand, we wanted something that symbolized excellence and quality. That's why we chose "Platinum Sun." Just like the precious metal platinum, our brand represents the highest level of craftsmanship. The name also captures the shimmering, silvery-white hue of the sun's rays as they dance upon the ocean waves. Platinum Sun perfectly embodies the radiant energy of the sun and its profound connection to watersports. With our brand, you can fully embrace your water adventures while safeguarding your skin from the sun's powerful rays.


Our innovative approach sets us apart, as we're constantly striving to improve every aspect of our process and upgrade our materials. We design our products with the desires and expectations of amateur and pro-level sports enthusiasts in mind - those who embrace the thrill of surfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and simply soaking up the sun on the beach.

Unlike many modern apparel brands, we refuse to ignore the voices of our customers. As a family-owned and still small business, we bridge the gap between what our clients are saying and the manufacturing process. We genuinely listen to and engage with our customers, addressing their complaints and incorporating their suggestions into our products. We believe that by constantly upgrading the details - our textiles, designs, and colors - we can cater to our customers' demands and elevate our brand to new heights. After all, our sole focus is on providing you, our valued customers, with nothing but the best.

Our NEOPRENE products are a testament to our people-centric approach. It all started with our customers reaching out to us, sharing their ideas and wishes. And guess what? We listened. This collaborative mindset is what birthed our innovative line of NEOPRENE products, which reflect the genuine needs and preferences of our community.

Platinum Sun is more than just a brand; it's a people brand. We cherish the relationships we've built and are committed to keeping that personal touch at the core of everything we do. When you choose Platinum Sun, you're not just purchasing exceptional watersports apparel and gear; you're becoming part of our vibrant community. We invite you to join us on this incredible journey as we continue to make waves in the industry.


  • Quality and customer satisfaction drive us to deliver exceptional products.
  • We value our clients' opinions and feedback, using them as inspiration for continuous improvement.
  • We embrace uniqueness and creativity, ensuring our customers receive distinctive designs.
  • Eco-friendliness is a core principle, as we strive to minimize our ecological footprint.
  • Passion fuels our success, and we are constantly growing, learning, and exploring new ideas.
  • We stand with Ukraine, upholding the values of truth, freedom, self-expression, love, the right to a future, tolerance, solidarity, and peace.

In gratitude to our supportive network of family, friends, mentors, and clients, we have been able to transform our dream into a reality.


There's nothing more fulfilling than blending our love for design with our passion for watersports. We're inspired by our fellow pro water athletes and are driven to create products that shield them from harsh elements and harmful UV rays. Each day feels less like work and more like contributing to the health, well-being, and enjoyment of our cherished watersports community.

We can't wait to continue this journey with you. Let's dive into the exciting world of watersports together, creating unforgettable moments with Platinum Sun!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far - our family, friends, mentors, and most importantly, our incredible clients!


We'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please reach out to us. Your thoughts are valuable and play a crucial role in helping us enhance our products and services.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Let's continue to make waves together in the world of water sports!

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