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Snug-Fit Rash Guards that Stay in Place

Crafted with the needs of water sports athletes in mind. Our longer length and sleeves, along with the rubbery strip on the bottom, ensure a secure fit and unbeatable protection against rashes and sun damage. With no ride-up, you can focus on your performance with complete comfort and confidence.

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          What does a rash guard do?

          Traditionally, rash guards protect your skin from chafing when rubbing against a surfboard, bodyboard, or sturdy wetsuit. However, in the 21-st century, they’re becoming more popular with people of all ages for a variety of purposes.

          Nowadays, the best rash guards also protect you from the sun, which is more potent when reflecting off the water. High-quality rash guards and swimsuits offer a UPF promise of limiting sun in a way that sunscreen cannot.

          Water sports are often more comfortable for everyone in a rash guard. Women can find wearing one to be a big relief from struggles with swimsuits and tan lines.

          When should you wear a rash guard?

          Rash guards are great for a variety of purposes. Whether surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, or swimming, they can keep your skin warmer and protected from abrasion.

          They can eliminate the need for slopping on handfuls of sunscreen that will fade soon anyway or may not even protect enough if it sticks. They’re a great idea to purchase for the whole family before a beach or cruise vacation, because of the variety of water sports or the amount of sun time these vacays usually involve.

          Parents increasingly have their children wear them to the beach or pool to avoid the sunscreen struggle and chafing from water sports. Because of the comfortable material, sometimes T-shirts even get passed up for rash guards.

          Is a rash guard the same as a compression shirt?

          Rash guards are not the same as compression shirts, which are meant for exercising outside the water. There are many benefits to compressing your muscles with a moisture-wicking material while lifting weights and working out.

          Although they sometimes look similar to compression shirts, rash guards are designed for water sports and sun protection. Long sleeve swim shirts that aren’t as form-fitting as rash guards can also accomplish the same goals.

          While we wouldn’t blame anyone who wore a comfy rash guard to work out, they’re designed for different, more aquatic purposes.  

          Platinum Sun rash guards have been known to be worn long before or after a water-sport session. They get extra mileage because they’re comfortable and stylish. Better yet, they also offer UPF 50+ and last for years.

          That’s the case even if you live beachside near the equator. A polyester and spandex blend with an anti-glide silicone strip on the bottom provides the perfect weight, texture and cling factor.

          You may not want to take it off, and we won’t judge. With a UPF of 50+ and a quick dry time, the material is among the best produced. Full sublimation ensures the designs won’t fade.

          Our women’s rash guards are designed with thumbholes at the cuffs and shoulder zippers so that once you easily slip in, you stay in, where the fun is. That way, sleeves don’t ride up. Unlike many big corporate surf brands, we’ve struck a balance between quality, style and affordability.

          Did we mention that Platinum Sun’s unique designs are cool, modern and some border on works of art? They’re durable, comfortable and sometimes downright sexy. Our wetsuits, swim shirts, rash guards and swimsuits have been known to turn heads in the lineup, on the bay and beachside.

          Rash guard - comparison chart

          Platinum Sun’s rash guards are similar in their form and function. They have similar features like being UPF 50+ and having full sublimation. All rash guards should fit tightly. The thicker the fabric is, the tighter the rash guard will feel when worn. However, the rash guards differ because each collection represents the vision of a different designer. The collections may also vary in terms of the cut of the neck, the composition of the fabric and other small features, which are displayed on each product’s page.

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