Long Sleeve Rash Guard for Women UPF 50+ | Rainbow
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Long Sleeve Rash Guard for Women UPF 50+ | Rainbow

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No more tagging and adjusting your rash guard!

Women's Long Sleeve Long Torso Rash Guard – the ultimate companion for outdoor adventurers and water sports enthusiasts. This high-performance swim shirt offers superior sun protection, style, and comfort.

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Long Sleeve Rash Guard for Women UPF 50+ | Rainbow Black
  • 🌞 UPF 50+ UV SUN PROTECTION: Blocks 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburn and reducing skin damage.

  • 🏄 PERFORMANCE TIGHT FIT: Second-skin feel for comfort and minimal rubbing during activities. This tight fit is perfect for watersports.

  • GRIPPY, NO-SLIP RUBBERY STRIP: Stays securely in place during water sports, eliminating constant adjustments.

  • 💨 QUICK-DRYING FABRIC: Rapid moisture evaporation for quick drying after water exposure.

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    • 👗 FABRIC: 85% polyester / 15% spandex, 200gsm
      Thin fabric, like normal swimsuit material
    • 🎨 VIBRANT COLORS / FULL SUBLIMATION: Bright and fade-resistant designs that maintain their brilliance over time.
    • 🧵 FLAT-LOCK STITCH: Irritation-free comfort with a low-profile seam.
    • 🤏 CONVENIENT SHOULDER ZIPPER: Easy on/off, especially when wet.
    • 🖐️ THUMBHOLES AT CUFFS: Added hand coverage and sun protection, ensuring sleeves stay in place.
    • 👑 PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABILITY: Tested by Miami kiteboarders for top performance and long-lasting wear.
    • 🏊 VERSATILE FOR WATER SPORTS AND BEYOND: Perfect for various water activities, from surfing to beach cover-ups.

    Care instructions

    • Hand-rinse your rash guard with cool water right after taking it off
    • Never use hot water, only cool or lukewarm
    • Turn the garment inside out and hand wash using a biodegradable soap
    • It’s best to use a shampoo or cleaner designed for cleaning rash guards or wetsuits
    • Hang dry away from direct sun or heat
    • Don’t fold or ball up the garment because it can weaken the fabric
    • Don’t leave it in the trunk of your car because it can be damaged by heat


    The garment offers an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, providing maximum protection from harmful UV rays that can affect your skin.


    Form-fitting tight layer that fits like a second skin. High-quality 4-way stretch fabric stretches in all directions, both crosswise and lengthwise, allowing for perfect mobility.

    Flat-lock seams

    Strong and flexible seams lie flat during wear, eliminating chafing and drag during water-sports


    The rubbery silicone strip prevents your rashguard from riding up in heavy surf

    Tight ergonomic fit

    High-quality 4-way stretch fabric. It stretches in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise. Offers perfect mobility

    Shoulder zipper

    Shoulder zipper for easy removal, especially when wet


    Long sleeves with thumb holes at cuffs for maximum protection and comfort

    Quick-drying, nonfading

    The unique microfiber blend of Spandex and Polyester feels better than Nylon. It includes technology that keeps you dry and the shirt odor-free. Chlorine and saltwater resistant


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    Crafted With Love. Catch Waves, Not Rays

    All of our rash guards were meticulously designed, with care and attention to detail. They are guaranteed to fit perfectly and provide protection from both abrasion and sunburn. Additionally, we design them to be at the height of fashion. Look your best. Feel your best.


    Rash guard is a swim top designed to protect your skin from rashes due to friction or sunburn. They are ideal for watersports like surfing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and swimming.

    While a rash guard can provide some warmth and sun protection, it is not designed to replace a wetsuit. Our rash guards are not made from neoprene and are not intended to keep you warm in cold waters like a wetsuit would. As an option and for personal liking, you can use our rash guard underneath a wetsuit to prevent neoprene chafing.

    Yes, the length is longer than average, and it typically provides adequate coverage for the torso and may extend beyond the hips, keeping the rash guard secure without riding up due to the silicone line on the hem.

    While it is not water-resistant, it is designed to dry quickly.

    Absolutely! They are designed for both freshwater and saltwater environments. Make sure you always wash it in salt- and chlorine-free water after each use.

    The rash guard tops have a TIGHT ERGONOMIC FIT, more of a performance fit. The rash guard is comfortable during various water activities and mentions its stretchy fabric. For watersports, RASH GUARDS ARE SUPPOSED TO FIT VERY TIGHT AND SNUG THE BODY!

    Yes, the rash guard is designed to provide sun protection, especially with its long sleeves and thumb holes. It has UPF 50+ protection that blocks 98% of harmful UVA & UVB rays and prevents sunburn.

    Our rash guards are designed to have a TIGHT ERGONOMIC FIT for better performance during water activities. If you are looking for a looser fit, it's a good idea to order a size up, especially if you're only using it for sun protection.

    If you find yourself between sizes or prefer a looser fit, we recommend ordering one size up. You can also reach out to us with your body measurements and the intended use, and we will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect size.

    This is a standard performance fit but designed to be snug.

    Many customers praise the quality and durability of the rash guard's fabric and construction. It may last for a couple of seasons for you if you follow the care instructions. The fabric is high quality, and the seams are stretchy, well made with 6 threads.

    Yes, the thumb holes help keep the sleeves in place, and the zipper at the neck aids in easy wearing and removal, especially when wet.

    Yes, people use it for various water sports like swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, beach walking, lap swimming, surfing, water-polo, etc.

    Our material is designed to be resilient, but chemicals in pools and minerals in natural water bodies can affect color and the UPF layer with time. Proper rinsing and drying can mitigate this issue.

    The fabric is generally comfortable and soft against the skin, making it suitable for prolonged use. When the rash guard is wet, it makes you feel comfortable under the hot sun. When you are in colder water, it helps you stay warm. It might get a bit hot if you are wearing the dry rash guard under the sun.

    Follow the care instructions to ensure the rash guard's longevity and appearance.

    • Hand-rinse your rash guard with cool water right after taking it off.
    • Never use hot water, only cool or lukewarm.
    • Turn the garment inside out and hand wash using a biodegradable soap.
    • It’s best to use a shampoo or cleaner designed for cleaning rash guards or wetsuits.
    • Hang dry away from direct sun or heat.
    • Don’t fold or ball up the garment because it can weaken the fabric.
    • Don’t leave it in the trunk of your car because it can be damaged by heat.

    Yes, the rash guard's fabric allows for breathability in warmer weather while also providing some warmth in cooler conditions.

    Yes, when the rash guard is wet, it will keep you cool even in hot sun conditions.

    No, our rash guards do not have built-in pads or bra support. They are designed to be worn over a bikini top.

    Our rash guards are not 100% see-through when wet, but we recommend wearing a bikini top underneath for added coverage.

    No, this product is for the top only. However, swim leggings can be purchased separately.

    Yes, it is recommended to layer the rash guard with swimsuits or sports bras for added comfort and support, but some people use darker color rash guards without a swim bra.

    The fabric's stretchiness provides good mobility during water sports and activities. However, expect it to have a snug (like second skin) fit, which stays snug but doesn't restrict your movements.

    30 days free return if the rash guard is unused and has original tags. In case there is a quality problem - we offer a lifetime warranty. For more, read here:

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