Why do women wear swim leggings?

          First of all, while swim leggings for women may seem more natural, men are wearing them now too. Swim leggings have a lot to offer both water-sport enthusiasts, active people, or just sun-loving and water-loving folks. Anyone who wants to cover their legs for any reason can wear swim leggings.

          They’re great for water sports because they’re lighter and easier to move in than a wetsuit. They can add warmth in the cold yet are breathable in the heat. Quality swim leggings dry quickly, so they’re amphibious. It’s easy to wear them on an adventure when you’ll be in and out of the water.

          For water sports where your skin might get irritated, like sitting on a surfboard or kneeling on a paddleboard, you can prevent skin problems. Swim leggings are also great for when you weren’t expecting to head to the beach or pool that day. Considering the comfort and convenience, the real question is: why don’t more people wear swim leggings?

          When and where can I wear swim leggings?

          While there are no restrictions on swim leggings for either gender, it’s easier to imagine women’s swim leggings being worn in a wide variety of places. Swim leggings are incredible additions to a surfing, kitesurfing, bodyboarding, paddleboarding, or swimming wardrobe.

          They keep you a little warmer and protected from the sun and chafing. Swim leggings for women also allow you to head straight out the door when you get up early to catch waves or see the sunrise on a boat or paddleboard. We know good swells or winds can sneak up on water-sport athletes in the fall and winter when they’re not going to the beach regularly.

          You can wear them over swimsuit bottoms if you’ll be in and out of the water. They’re also great if you don’t know what the temperature will be like or how active you’ll be to get your body heat going. Swim leggings can also be worn like regular leggings or exercise pants. Rock them to yoga, to lunch or just lounge around.  

          What to look for in ladies’ swim leggings

          If you’re going to add a pair to your outerwear wardrobe, getting quality ladies’ swim leggings with all the features will pay dividends. When it comes to women’s swim leggings, we’ve already thought of everything, including eye-catching designs.

          They’re trendsetting and the envy of other water enthusiasts. Also, Platinum Sun swim leggings for women are designed with an uber-comfy, quick-drying, breathable material. You might be tempted to wear them…everywhere! They stretch in four different ways yet aren’t see-through.

          A UPF-50 lets you lose track of time in the water without having to dash back for sunscreen. If you dislike or can’t tolerate sunscreen, leggings can cover…about 35% of your exposed skin! Swim leggings for women and men open up a world of “water-ful” and active possibilities. If you need any help convincing a man in your life to get a pair of men’s leggings, just let him feel the material of yours.


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          Yes, these swim leggings are designed to offer sun protection, specifically UPF50+. UPF50+ means that the fabric provides excellent protection against the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. UPF stands for ultraviolet protection factor and is used to measure how much UV radiation can get through. UPF50+ is the maximum rating possible and means that only 1/50th or less can get through.

          Yes, these leggings are designed for sun protection and can help prevent sunburn, making them an excellent choice for outdoor activities in sunny conditions.

          Yes, these swim leggings are suitable for various water activities, including snorkeling. They are made of thin, quick-drying material that is comfortable in the water.

          We recommend hand washing these swim leggings with a detergent designed for elastic garments. It's also a good idea to hang dry them to prevent damage to the fabric.

          Yes, these leggings are versatile enough to wear for activities beyond swimming, such as yoga, the gym, or simply as casual leggings.

          Some users with longer legs have found them to be a good fit. These leggings are designed to be slightly longer than the average length, which can accommodate individuals with longer legs.

          These swim leggings are primarily designed for sun protection and may not provide significant insulation for cold water. If you plan to enter cold waters, you may need additional insulation. However, many of our clients from Florida, where the water is not typically colder than 68°F (20°C), have reported being happy using these leggings in the water during the winter months.

          Many customers have mentioned that these leggings are comfortable and help protect against the sun's heat. They can be a good choice for staying cool while engaging in outdoor activities during hot weather especially when wet.

          These swim leggings are typically made of a lightweight, stretchy swimsuit material, suitable for water activities. However, the thickness of the material may vary between different versions.

          While they are primarily designed for sun protection, they may offer some defense against jellyfish stings. Some customers have mentioned that these swim leggings protected them from tiny invisible jellies while swimming.

          Most of the styles are not advertised as compression leggings; however, some customers have found them to be comfortable for various activities. The fit may vary depending on your body type and size. There are some styles that do offer compression, so be sure to read the description of each style.

          These leggings are designed for aquatic activities. They may become a bit looser in the water, but they still hold up well. Make sure you wear the correct size, and they are not loose on you while dry.

          The color stays bright even after long-term use with proper care. Make sure to hand wash them after each use in chlorine water if you intend to use them for water aerobics or regular pool activities.

          These leggings are great for scuba diving, especially in areas with jellyfish. They are a good option for providing an extra layer of protection.

          Yes, these swim leggings are comfortable for use in heated indoor pools.

          Yes, these leggings are made of lightweight and quick-drying material. They dry relatively quickly after being in the water, so you can continue your day without the need to change.