When can you wear a 2-mm wetsuit?

Women’s neoprene wetsuits are versatile. They’re worn for a variety of water sports. More than just temperature matters; you’ll want to factor in how much you’ll be exercising, how often you’ll be submerged and the wind. These 2mm wetsuits are good for between 60-70 degree water, depending on your plans and the conditions. Wear them kitesurfing, paddleboarding, surfing, diving or just swimming. Once you see how comfortable and functional a high-quality wetsuit is, you might look forward to covering up in cooler water. That’s because you’re less likely to get rashes or to need to adjust a wetsuit compared to a swimsuit. The latest neoprene ladies’ swimwear features Velcro that won’t snag on hair and a zipped pocket.

When can you wear a neoprene jacket?

A neoprene jacket is a must-have for those active on or near the water. If there’s a chance you’ll get splashed with water where you hang out, you’ll love a cozy but flexible neoprene jacket. Wear them before or after water sports like kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing, paddleboarding or whitewater rafting. These jackets can block the wind and keep you warmer. You can rock them while doing some water sports too. For boating and fishing, they prevent shivers due to water and wind. When you check out Platinum Sun’s neoprene jackets, you’ll see we’ve thought of everything. Our jackets have drawstring cords on the hood, zippered pockets and wrist straps for tightening. They do have special features for kitesurfers, but that doesn’t stand in the way of wearing them on other water adventures. 

How is neoprene different from other fabrics?

Water-sport seasons have been greatly extended by wetsuits. Many water sports have become more pleasant due to advances in neoprene. However, neoprene does need special care. You’ll want to rinse neoprene in fresh water after it has been exposed to salt water. This preserves the material. You’ll also want to wash it with a neoprene cleaner after every few uses. Keep neoprene out of the washer and dryer. Heat is an enemy of neoprene; even hot cars can damage it. Also, after washing, dry it on a thick hanger, never on a wire hanger or a hook. That’s the best way to dry neoprene. 

Men, swimwear and neoprene may not always mix as well as women do with neoprene. That’s because women’s wardrobes tend to include more delicate fabrics. Regardless, if you take care of your neoprene, it will take care of you!

Why does Platinum Sun have the best neoprene gear?

Platinum Sun takes pride in offering premium wetsuits and neoprene jackets. As new neoprene technology develops, like Limestone and Dura-flex, we love delivering it to our beloved water people. Our neoprene products have superior zippers. We know when you’re amped up for a water-sport sesh, you might yank on the gear while getting ready. High-quality, sturdy and intelligent design all around ensures you feel amphibious, so you can focus on fun in your neoprene. For both men and women, our neoprene swimwear is stylish and modern.


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