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30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack with extendable bottom compartment
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30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack with extendable bottom compartment
Waterproof kayak bag with separate compartments
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Waterproof duffle bag for water sports with separate pockets
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30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack with extendable bottom compartment

30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack with extendable bottom compartment

Keep the wet and dirty separate, while staying dry and organized

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Keeps wet and dry items separate, ensuring you maintain dry gear and a clean car from sand and water after storing your wet wetsuit.
Perfect for adventurers, whether casual boaters or water sports pros.
Heavy-duty construction ensures durability against rocks and rough terrain.

More Info

  • Heavy-duty
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs
  • Made of 500D PVC tarpaulin
  • Dimensions when fully rolled (after three folds) and the bottom compartment is zipped: 7.5" x 13" x 20", 30L
  • Dimensions when fully rolled (after three folds) and the bottom compartment is unzipped: 7.5" x 13" x 24", 40L
  • Dimensions when packed flat (empty): Approximately 18" x 14" x 3"
  • High-frequency welded seams with a reinforced bottom
  • Best for: Canyoneering/canyoning, Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding/SUP, Kayaking, Swimming, Hiking, Diving, Fishing, Camping, Boating, and more.

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    When properly closed, the Adventure backpack is fully waterproof.


    Throw your bag in the snow! The contents will stay dry.


    Protects your gear from water, snow, mud, and sand regardless of weather conditions.


    Highly durable welded seams seal out water, sand, mud, and snow.


    The dry bag will float nicely if rolled and secured properly.

    separate extendable bottom compartment

    A separate extendable bottom compartment holds wet & dirty items or shoes. Water won't seep into the dry compartment

    Netted side pockets

    Netted side pockets allow easy access to water bottles or other small items

    Corded exterior and an exterior bungee cord

    Allow for easy-access storage. A deep hidden, waterproof pocket hides valuables

    Straps and carrying handle

    Comfortable straps and a convenient, contoured carrying handle can handle heavy loads

    Waterproof kayak bag with separate compartments

    Two inside pockets

    Hold keys, phones, documents and more

    secured chest strap

    Keeps your bag secure and redistributes weight for comfort

    Padded back

    Strategically positioned, thick back pads relieve pressure from weight for a more comfortable adventure

    padded breathable straps

    Includes high-quality padded breathable straps that provide ventilation by creating proper airflow

    drybag backpack waterproof

    Keeping your gear dry ensures organized adventures, joy, and convenience



    When fully rolled (after three folds) and the bottom compartment is zipped, the dimensions are 7.5" x 13" x 20", 30L.
    When fully rolled (after three folds) and the bottom compartment is unzipped, the dimensions are 7.5" x 13" x 24", 40L.
    When packed flat (empty) the dry bag measures approximately 18" x 14" x 3" and weighs 3.6 lbs.

    It weighs 3.6 lbs.

    To ensure proper closure, the bag can accommodate a sheet of cardboard with a maximum size of 5.5" x 14".

    YES! The material is waterproof, and the main bag compartment is sealed with the roll-top.

    If it is properly closed (roll it down three times) then you do not have to worry if it falls in the water. Your belongings will stay dry and the bag will float if you leave some air inside before closing it.
    Avoid fully submerging the bag as it is not designed for prolonged submersion. It can withstand rain, waterfall drops, and being used while crossing a river, but extended submersion is not recommended.

    The side pocket can easily fit in a jar that has a 4-inch diameter.

    No, the interior is not cushioned.

    Yes, there are two inside pockets. One is zippered, and the other is deep and closes with Velcro.

    Yes, the bag is designed to be heavy-duty and can be placed on the ground and rocky mountains. Just avoid sharp objects.

    When the bag is empty and packed flat (folded), it measures 3" x 14" x 18".

    While the bag is waterproof, it does not have insulation or padding, so it would not effectively serve as a cooler for an extended period of time.

    The bag does not have any built-in flotation device other than the air trapped inside when sealed properly. As long as the bag is not excessively weighted down, it should float or stay above the water surface.

    The waist strap is adjustable and can comfortably fit bodies with a maximum waist circumference of 41 inches. Please note that there are plans to make them longer in the upcoming release of the new version of the DryBag in 2024.


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