Kiteboarding in La Boca, Dominican Republic

Sick and tired of riding at your usual spot? No worries because Cabarete literally has it all. I hope you are ready to embark on a crazy adventure for a day, one you’ll never forget!

How to Get There

La Boca is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, about 10 minutes away (4 km) from the center of Cabarete. It can be reached by moto, car or taxi; the cost of a taxi is usually around 500/700 RDS or 15 USD. This beautiful place called “La Boca” is perfect for those who love adventures but especially for those who love flat water and constant wind as much as we do. It is the river mouth of Rio de Yasica It’s perfect to spend a day in the sun while being active. 

Recommendations Before Leaving

Make sure you go to La Boca perfectly equipped. The most important piece you have to make sure you never forget is your pump. The river can be empty most of the time, which means it is always better to bring your pump than risk the possibility of not inflating your kite. Also, make sure you bring the sizes you think will work best for you. Usually, in the mornings, the wind is light and in the afternoon it gets stronger and stronger. This means that if you are planning to spend the whole day at the river, we recommend you bring at least two kite sizes.

We also recommend bringing a rash guard or wetsuit, sunglasses, a towel, drybag, reusable water bottle, your sunscreen or face stick and a speaker. 

Protect your Skin 

Being in Cabarete or going to La Boca means you will be exposed to the sun most of the time. This is why we highly recommend using a rash guard or wetsuit 50 SPF +.

Also, do not forget to bring your sunscreen and wear it before going in the water or when staying onshore. It is very important to do so, in order to avoid painful burns, tan lines and skin damage.  

Get Grub and Drinks at the Restaurant!

After a great session, I am sure you will start feeling a bit hungry. Maybe you’ve also noticed a small restaurant on the other side of the river. In order to get there, you will need to whistle to flag down a little boat to come pick you up!

Once they arrive, you hop in and they will bring you straight to the restaurant called Wilson’s La Boca, the only restaurant there! Wilson’s La Boca is mostly known for Wilson’s fried fish, plantains, fried chicken and other fish specialties. Enjoy your lunch accompanied by piñas coladas and other kiteboarders entertaining you as they ride across your water view!

TIP: Remember to bring cash! And remember to bring your drybag in case you want to bring your phone or other important stuff.


It is 5 pm and about time to go home! Don’t worry because the fun isn't done yet…

If you have the choice, you can go back home in a fantastic downwinder from La Boca to Cabarete. The long coast and the perfect waves will be fun all the way home. Kite with a beautiful sunset. The downwinder will take around 15 minutes. It all depends on your level, the conditions and the place you’re staying! If you stay at Kitebeach, the downwinder will be a bit longer than if you stay at Cabarete Bay! Before you embark on this amazing downwind ride home, make sure you talk to the locals so you get comfortable with the zone without risking kiting over the reef and getting yourself hurt. 

The tip we can give you is to kite as far out as you possibly can and as soon as you get to Cabarete Bay, you can slowly get closer to the shore. Bring your GOPRO to catch some beautiful moments, videos and more. You may see whales! (Usually that happens in February!)  If you are an advanced kiter, you can surely do this downwind on your own! If you are still practicing or aren’t familiar with the place yet, bring someone with you or do a group downwinder.

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Your day at La Boca has come to an end, but no worries because tomorrow you can still go back for more fun. Bring more people, have a picnic by the river, bring a SUP and much more. La Boca is also the perfect place for a little trip on a calm day. Don’t waste more time! As soon as you are in Cabarete, don’t forget to visit this place and let us know how it went!

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Kiteboarding in La Boca, Dominican Republic
Sick and tired of riding at your usual spot? No worries because Cabarete literally has it all. I hope you are ready t...