Essentials to Bring to Your First Kitesurfing Lesson

It is your first kitesurfing lesson and you could not be any more excited. You may be having some doubts about what items to pack to make sure you can give your best performance. Reading this article is the first step to ensure you’re ready before showing up to your first class.

kitesurfing lessons

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The #1 item you should add to your beach bag is a rash guard, preferably a UPF one. Rash guards or lycras are specifically made for these kinds of sports. They protect your skin from rashes, scrapes and sunburn. Are you wondering why you will get a rash if you are not wearing a lycra? Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you are already familiar with this sport, you have noticed kitesurfers wear harnesses around their waists. This harness can give you rashes because of the harsh material, especially if you have sensitive skin. Here at Platinum Sun, we have a super collection of kiteboarding apparel with plenty of rash guards UPF 50+.


Rash Guards and swimsuits


Now that you know which top to wear, you may be wondering what to wear as your bottom. Once again the answer is simple! Since you will be taking your first class on the beach, for girls we highly recommend wearing leggings. Beginners usually spend a lot of time in the water and not above it, so know there are algae and jellyfish. The sandy ocean bottom can leave scratches and rashes if you get dragged. If you are a guy, then some boardshorts will work out just fine. If you have very sensitive skin and you would like to protect yourself from the sun and scrapes, then our leggings UPF+ might be perfect for you! You can check out our leggings here

If you are learning how to kitesurf in cold temperatures, then a wetsuit is the first item you should add to your bag. There are many wetsuit thicknesses to pick from, depending on the water temperature and outside conditions. When you pick a wetsuit, always consider the following factors: water temperature, air temperature, wind speed, your sensitivity to the cold and activity level. Thicker wetsuits are warmer, but less flexible. They range from 1 mm all the way to 6 mm +. If you are kitesurfing for the first time in places like Canada, then a 6 mm might be the perfect choice. It all depends on the factors mentioned above.

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Since you will be spending many hours on the beach and under the sun, your #1 goal is to stay safe from UV radiation. This is why items such as sunglasses & hats are KEY and they should not be forgotten before heading to the beach. During your first few hours, you will learn safety rules and what to do in case of emergency. Hopefully you can fly a kite for the first time. While flying a kite, you will most likely look up constantly, and this may bother your eyes depending on your sensitivity. Here at Platinum Sun, a brand new collection of sunglasses has just dropped. We have a new model of eyewear available in blue, green and pink.

Please do not forget to add  sunscreen or a face stick to your bag, to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Our clear face stick is made with organic ingredients, is paraben-free, gluten-free and fragrance-free.


face stick


It offers up SPF-30 protection, making it great for sensitive skin areas such as the cheeks, ears, nose and lips. Whether you're on the slopes or on the beach, reach for this face stick for easy application! For more info, do not hesitate to check out our page:

You want to stay hydrated and energetic throughout your whole kitesurfing class. This is why a water bottle and some energy snacks or fresh fruit are perfect to bring to the beach. You will be able to take breaks in between sessions when you can snack and drink some water.

Also, we recommend bringing a towel with you, and a change of clothes.

That way, you can dry yourself off and put on dry clothes before heading home.

 Beach towels

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If there is one last thing you should never forget before learning a new sport or taking a class,  it’s your positive vibes, good mood and motivation.

That way you will learn hopefully faster and have a positive mindset towards the learning process and for sure have more fun both in and out of the water.

We believe you are now ready to head off to the beach and have an unforgettable experience. We hope this article was helpful and that it will guide you while packing your beach bag. Stay tuned for many more articles like this to come!

We wish you the best during your kitesurfing class!

The Platinum Sun Team

Kitesurfing lessons

Photo by Kike Valderrama

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