How To Dress Up Your Gym Outfit

Stylish ways to wear your Platinum Sun in the streets

When you’ve got a day planned that involves running errands, catching waves, meeting a friend for lunch, and hitting the gym, you’re going to need to simplify. The best way to get through a day with all kinds of activities is by knowing how to dress up your gym outfit. We’ve put together three stylish ways for you to wear your Platinum Sun in the streets so you can hit everything on your to-do list and play all day.

Step 1: Hair and face

Studies show that the first thing anyone notices about your appearance is your smile and eyes. As long as your skin looks moisturized, your eyes look clear, and your hair looks like you put a little thought into it, the rest of your outfit will do the speaking for you. When you have to go to the bank at 9am and yoga at 10:30am you won’t want to put on a full face of makeup. A little bit of waterproof mascara will do wonders. Use coconut oil to tame down flyaways in your hair and put some on your lips too for a discreet shine. If you’re going from beach to street, put some eye drops to take the red out of your eyes. Our leggings dry quickly so no need to worry about changing out of them after the beach if you don’t have time.

Step 2: A Cute Top and Accessories

With your Platinum Sun leggings and sports bra as a base outfit for your training or surf session, a cute top or accessory will hide that fact that you’re dressed to sweat or play. A loose button up top with the sleeves rolled up, a poncho with a long necklace over it, or a scarf over a simple v-neck t-shirt are all great ways to dress up your gym outfit. Jewelry and big purses also glam up any ensemble and a big purse can fit your gym shoes or surf leash in it too!

Step 3: Shoes

Depending on what you’ve got on your agenda today, your shoes will do the most for your street to beach outfit. If you’re going to the gym later, pack your sneakers in your bag and wear wedges or nice strappy sandals with your Platinum Sun leggings. Boots or heels also pair well with leggings. Depending on the top you choose, simple sneakers can also dress up your outfit. Chunky sneakers, sneaker heels, and relaxed slip on sneakers will keep your outfit casual and are better suited for busy days when you have lots of walking to do.

Below are our top picks of Platinum Sun leggings that can take you from beach to street and back and what kind of shoe would pair best with them to dress up your gym outfit.

Leopard Print Compression Leggings – Any kind of heel or shoe should look good with these.

Black Capris with Hidden Pocket – Strappy gladiator sandals that go up to the knee.

Snake Capris – Tall boots, up to the knee or higher.

Grey Capris with Zipper Pocket – Wedges or espadrilles that are light colored or a pastel shade.

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