Packing for Rafting and the Outdoors with a Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Watersport enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers know their comfort and preparedness depend on the function and durability of their gear. Compared to other gear, backpacks that double as drybags might best channel this adventure-ready spirit. Their versatility and durability is rarely matched. So why store separate drybags, backpacks, beach bags and fishing bags in your garage or home? You could have one bag that goes everywhere with you. But can you really take a hiking backpack that gets muddy to the beach or on the boat? It’s not an issue if the fabric is easy to clean. Of course, there’s only one way to best see how dry bag backpacks operate: and that’s in action, of course!

waterproof dry back pack

Intense Whitewater Rafting

You’re unloading gear out of the truck into the raft and you’ve got your backpack, dry bags, waterproof clothes, food and drinks yet to load. You’d be done transferring gear several trips sooner, but certain clothes and valuables needed dry bags. If you had a large 40L, or even 30L, drybag backpack you could condense your bags. They’re less cumbersome than traditional drybags. The durable straps make them easy to tie down. Tie other items to the backpack or secure them in bungees. High-frequency welded seams keep a strong drybag from tearing. Whether you’re going on a guided trip, on a friend’s raft or you take on class 4’s yourself every weekend, a good drybag is clutch to have. If you leave enough air in a drybag backpack, it will even float on its own. This is easier to do with bigger dry bags that leave more space for air.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Also, a backpack with several compartments is easier to navigate in a small space than most canoe or kayak dry bags. Waterproof bags don’t have to be formless blobs. The shoulder straps save additional trips when you carry the canoe or kayak to the launch. Nor would you need to throw the bag in the boat to finagle one trip. Your strength is mostly in your torso. For more precise packing and accessing, pick a dry bag with two compartments. You can even chuck your heavy cooler and load a drybag backpack up with drinks. Wait, what?

dry back pack

Chill Tubing the Organized Way

That’s right, you can load a drybag backpack with ice packs or ice and treat it like a cooler. Then you still get the additional storage of the other compartment and pockets. Tubers love drybag backpacks. Strap the backpack into its own tube and tie it to someone else’s tube. Then you can grab a hold of it and pull food or drinks out of it while bobbing along in your tube.

Board Sports Perfection

Although many bags can hang out waterside, a waterproof backpack takes things to a new level. Windsurfers, and especially paddleboarders, find it enables them to carry more things further. That way, they can enjoy a longer, more action-packed day of riding waves and wind. If you enclose it with enough air inside, it will float on its own.


Sure, a waterproof dry bag backpack is already a mouthful. However, we’ve got to mention the Blue Adventure Dry Bag and its best feature: it has a separate compartment that extends for wet stuff. Or for dry stuff. Separate it however you like! There’s so many pockets. They’re inside, and outside too with mesh and bungees.

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Camping, Hiking & Fishing

When setting off on a hiking, camping or fishing adventure, you don’t have to try to work a separate waterproof bag into the picture. We know that means stowing one bag within another and messing with ziplock and shopping bags, AKA…a mess. Or relying on your new “waterproof” backpack only to find out that there’s not much “proof” about it. The Platinum Sun dry bag backpack is100% waterproof. Also, it’s snow proof and mud proof. Instead of mud soaking into and staining the fabric forever, tarpaulin keeps mud out. Afterwards, you can just wipe it clean. Although designed for watersports, it probably rocks out better than other backpacks when trekking in the rainforest.


Those staying outdoors all day or overnight need to keep their valuables safe, stay fed, hydrated and have dry clothes. Now wet and dry clothes don’t need to mingle. Plastic shopping bags never did the trick anyway. However, there’s no sacrifice for hiking features; switching to a dry bag backpack is purely an upgrade. The shoulder straps are padded yet breathable, like a true hiking backpack. The back is padded to relieve pressure. A chest strap redistributes weight. Mesh outside pockets let you grab your water or map without unloading the whole bag off your back.

The Beach, Surfing and Saltwater Boating

Many bags hold up to sand and saltwater for a few years. However, a bag made of PVC tarpaulin stays unphased by salt year after year. You wouldn’t buy a flimsy surfboard, saltwater rod or scuba gear if you were in the sport for the long haul. There’s just no point if they won’t last. So when packing gear up to go surfing or fight a marlin, only a backpack that’s ready for saltwater and sand is worthwhile.


Sports and Traveling

Some sports games begin rain or shine. This bag makes a great gift for athletes who play  soccer, lacrosse or football. If it’s rainy or muddy, a dry bag holds up better than many “waterproof” or “water-resistant” bags. Dry bags also make good carry ons, and save space on flights to an outdoor trip.


The Bottom Line: Versatility & Durability

Most outdoors people don’t just stop at one activity. An adventure isn’t predictable, because spontaneity is part of the fun. So investing in a durable, amphibious bag keeps you more prepared. A scuba bag that can go hiking with you saves closet space. A fishing bag can go onboard a plane or a boat. We wouldn’t be surprised if you got attached to your waterproof backpack!

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