All your Questions Answered: Neoprene Jackets

Platinum Sun’s neoprene jackets are designed for comfort, durability and flexibility. Anyone who hangs out waterside, from boarders to divers to boaters, thinks they’re a must-have. So we decided to explain when and how to best rock them.

Who is this jacket best for?

We are always surprised to learn about the many circumstances in which customers wear our neoprene jackets. However, they most often save the (colder and windier) day for kitesurfers because of the harness hook hole. Paddleboarders and windsurfers can also wear them all day long. They’re loved by anyone who may get briefly submerged, splashed or who wants to hang out waterside after getting wet. This includes surfers, divers, dedicated swimmers, boaters and seafood gatherers. Fishermen and women love our black jacket that’s fleece-lined and doesn’t show stains.

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Can I wear this neoprene jacket instead of a wetsuit?

No, it is not a wetsuit. A wetsuit fits tightly on the body and only lets in a little water. This jacket won’t replace a wetsuit but will provide an additional level of warmth if you wear it atop a wetsuit. It makes a great after-boarding or after-surf jacket. 

Will it hold water if I fall in the water or submerge myself?

It will hold some water at the beginning, but once you get out of the water, the trapped water will drain out through drainage holes in the hood. The sleeves don’t hold much water because of the cuff fastener. Make sure they are fastened tightly before going in the water. Overall, once you get back on your paddleboard, kitesurfing or windsurfing board, the water will start draining out. 

What is the thickness of the neoprene?

The neoprene is 2.5 mm (millimeters) thick and durable. It’s like a briefly submergeable wetsuit, neoprene jacket and windbreaker all wrapped into one. 


How do I take care of my neoprene jacket?

Just rinse it in fresh water. Then hang it to dry naturally. Never put it in the dryer. Every so often, you can handwash it with a neoprene wash or a gentle detergent.

Don’t leave it in the sun for an extended period of time. Neoprene will lose its thermal, insulating properties if left in the sun for too long. The colors may fade as well.

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Which size should I choose?

Please review our size chart. Yet keep in mind that you need a larger size if you are planning to wear the jacket over your wetsuit or harness. The jacket is not bulky like you might have experienced with other brands. We designed it to be sporty. It has a tight fit but still won’t restrict your movements. Think of it as fitting like a neoprene hoodie. It also doesn’t hold a lot of water inside. 

Does this work for lap swimming? 

It’s not designed for swimming but you should put it on after your session to stay warm. It’s great to wear when you’re mostly out of the water. It’s perfect for before and after any watersport session, whether you are dry or wet. It’s not a wetsuit jacket (with hood), but it’s close.

Does it block the wind? 

It does! It is your perfect companion for any boating session, even in the summer. When it gets colder in the evening, you will be happy you took this wind jacket with you on the sailboat, fishing boat or shore.

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What does the “mm” mean for this item?

It stands for millimeters. It indicates the thickness of the fabric. The thicker the fabric, the more durable it is. The thicker fabric keeps you warmer in colder water. This 2.5 mm garment is adequate for use during cool temperatures in fall and spring.

Are Platinum Sun neoprene jackets meant for men or women?

These jackets are designed to be unisex. They do not fit tightly in the chest or shoulders, allowing for flexibility for men for women. They are more unisex when worn for athletic purposes. Please make sure to order a size larger if you’ll wear it over a wetsuit or harness.

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Should divers and snorkelers wear Platinum Sun neoprene jackets?

The short answer is yes! However, they are not ideal for the mechanics of actually swimming or staying submerged. Divers will love them for the boat or on the shore, to stay warm before and after they strap on their tanks. 

What makes Platinum Sun’s neoprene jacket high quality?

The quality of the material and the features make our jackets a cut above, along with the style. Tough yet flexible dura-flex neoprene is ideal for water-sport enthusiasts, boaters and others who hang out waterside. It also has the strongest zipper made. See the other features below!

What features do Platinum Sun’s jackets have? 

The wrist cuffs can be tightened to keep water out and loosened when needed. The pockets have strong zippers. Drainage holes in the hood make the jacket briefly submersible. When you do emerge, the hood will start draining immediately. The hood has a drawstring bungee cord to reduce your face down to a cute little circle when it’s windy or you get cold down to your bones.  

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Kitesurfers love the versatile harness opening with a zipper that was designed for them. The harness opening doesn’t interfere at all with wearing it for other activities. The black neoprene jacket also has a cozy fleece lining. 

It’s no wonder Platinum Sun’s neoprene jackets get great reviews. We love to know we’re fulfilling our mission of helping people live active, adventurous and healthy lifestyles. One of our second-tier missions is definitely to extend water-sport seasons to cooler and windier days, so we hope our gear takes you out year-round! Let us know where all you take our neoprene jackets.

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