How to choose a Rash Guard Properly

How To Choose The Perfect Rash Guard

Here at Platinum Sun, we take a lot of pride in creating our rash guards. We’ve become experts on fit and fabrics because we not only sell rash guards, we use them. A lot. In this article, we share why it’s essential to use a rash guard, the science behind our brand, and how to choose the perfect rash guard.

Benefits of a Rash Guard

Also called swim shirt, rashie, or lycra, a rash guard is typically made of lycra and used for any number of sports such as Surfing, Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding, Wakeboarding, Swimming, Diving, Fishing, Sailing, Running, Biking, and MMA.

Skin Protection

Rash guards are designed to protect the sensitive areas of the body. In sports, areas like the nipples, armpits, and neck tend to get rubbed raw by salt water, friction through movement, or sports gear.

In watersports, rash guards are easily worn under wet or dry suits as well as on their own.

Sun Protection

The UPF or sun protection is why most outdoor athletes use rash guards all the time. The sun’s UV rays can burn your skin in a few hours and can become hazardous after regular prolonged exposure.

Platinum Sun rash guards have UPF 30+ fabrication which protects you by blocking harmful Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays (UVA and UVB).

Quick Drying Fabric

Rash guards are usually made up of a blend of fibers including neoprene, lycra, polyester or nylon. The quick drying aspect of a rash guard is part of the reason they are anti-rash forming.

The unique cross-section fiber used in Platinum Sun rash guards come treated with an antibacterial finish. It will pull the moisture from the skin’s surface, enabling it to evaporate very quickly and protect against bacteria. We’ve also created a sweat-wicking compression fabric, to keep you cool, dry and comfortable no matter how intense you work out.

CAUTION: Many retail stores sell cheap versions of rash guards that may feel similar in material but do not provide the benefits of a quality rash guard.

How to Choose The Perfect Rashguard

There are a few essential elements of a rash guard you should become familiar with before making your purchase. In addition to sun protection and quick drying material, you’ll want to consider fit, sleeve length, and stitching while choosing a rash guard.

Rash Guard Fit

Depending on your activity, a rash guard can be loose or tight. In sports like surfing, MMA, or swimming, a loose rashguard can become cumbersome as it moves around on your body. For water sports, it’s best to choose a tight fit because it has less resistance while you perform. Other activities like biking, running, or sailing may be more comfortable with a loose, breezy rash guard.

Our Rashguards have an Ergonomic Fit which means a 4-way stretch. An ergonomic cut ensures an athletic contoured fit that provides maximum support and unrestricted flexibility at the same time.

Rash Guard Sleeve Length

Rash guards come with sleeve length options. Each has benefits depending on weather conditions, water temperatures, and the activities. The three options are usually:

  • The Tank (sleeveless
  • Short Sleeve Rash Guard
  • Long Sleeve Rash Guard

A long sleeve rash guard works in cold conditions to keep you warmer as well as super sunny to keep you protected from the sun. High-friction sports such as MMA, running, or surfing requires some protection in the armpit area. For this reason, we recommend short sleeve or long sleeve rash guards for activities where your arms move a lot. Tank tops are fine if you don’t mind the tan lines and don’t want to feel a lot of fabric, but want to cover up a bit.

Stitching in Rash Guards

Most rash guards are in close contact with the skin, so it’s necessary to check that the seams sit flat against the material. Raised seams will chafe, negating the main purpose of wearing a rashguard in the first place.

Platinum Sun uses flat-lock stitching in all our rashguards, leggings, sports bras, and shorts. Precise stitching and low profile seams prevent skin irritation and rashing.

Other Details to Look for in a Rash Guard

The best rash guards have their care instructions and labels printed directly on the material. It helps to prevent unnecessary irritation from a sewn in tag.

Cool Features of a Rash Guard

Some rash guards also come with cool features like zippers, pockets, or elastic bands sewn into the hem meant to keep the rash guard from creeping up. One of our most popular rash guards comes with a shoulder zipper, thumb holes, and an anti-glide silicone waistband.

Printing Process of a Rash Guard

Platinum Sun uses the sublimation method for our rashguards and leggings. Sublimation is a process that creates a permanent bond between the garment and the design. This process guarantees the color will stay bright for as long as the garment lasts. Silk screen printing and heat transfers are less expensive than sub­li­ma­tion. The artwork doesn’t last long since it cracks, peels, and fades over time.

We hope you found this article on How To Choose a Rash Guard helpful. Are you a rash guard connoisseur? Comment what is most important to you when choosing a rashguard so we can share it with our readers and maybe consider it for our future designs.

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