How To Care For Your Neoprene

How To Care For Your Neoprene

Washing, Drying, and Storing Tip

As the chillier months begin to close in on us, it’s time to blow the dust off of the neoprene and brave the cooler waters. Since our neoprene might be the only thing there to protect us from the cold in the water, it’s an essential piece of waterwear you should care for properly. Below we’ve outlined the best ways to care for your neoprene so it can return the favor this winter.

How To Wash Neoprene

Firstly and most importantly, rinse your neoprene thoroughly with cold fresh water. If you don’t, over time the salt water can cause the material to stiffen and the glued seams to split. However, we do know from experience that neoprene sometimes needs a little more attention than just a rinse, especially if you’re guilty of throwing it in the back of the car and forgetting about it. No matter how tempting it is, do not use the washer or detergent. These are too harsh on the material. Instead, fill a bucket with cold fresh water and cap full of neoprene cleaner, which you can buy this in any surf or dive store. If the must is overwhelming, you can leave your neoprene to soak for 5 minutes before giving it a good dunk in and out of the bucket. Make sure the neck of the suit is open so it can have a good flushing. Afterwards, just rinse it with fresh water and make sure all the soap is washed out – and voila, smells as good as new!

How To Dry Neoprene

As water fanatics, we obviously spend a lot of time on the water. Before we’ve even removed our neoprene from our ankles, we’re already thinking about our next session. So, we want it to be dry as soon as possible. There are many fancy gadgets you can buy like hangers with built-in fans and bags that will suck your suit dry before you can even check the forecast. However, if you’re like us and keep it simple, we recommend hanging your neoprene inside out, so the outer surface is protected. But let’s face it, no one likes a damp wetsuit on their skin. To speed up the process, the airier, the better! Don’t give in and leave your neoprene in direct sunlight to dry faster. Over time this can cause the material to lose flexibility. Also, always use the thick hangers for your wetsuits. The thin wire ones can stretch the neck of your suit leaving you open for a flush of water next time you duck dive.

How To Store Neoprene

Once completely dried, you can leave the neoprene on the hanger and hang in a cool, dry place. Simple! If you rather, feel free to fold it and stow it away neatly. However, there is a special way to fold a wetsuit so you don’t crease the chest or back panel. First, lay the wetsuit front side down onto the ground and fold the arms back towards the waist and behind the body. Next, fold the legs at the knees and then fold the knees up to the top of the wetsuit.

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