4 Kitesurfing Challenges Women Should Overcome When Learning A Male-Dominated Sport

In a male-dominated sport like kite surfing, it is easy for girls to feel intimidated on water. However, the more women feel that way, the less likely they are ever going to learn in the soonest possible time. So, if you are just like any of the beach ladies who wish to learn this sport, confidence is the key.

What could be the challenges that women might be unconsciously tolerating and keep them from trying this sport? Here is the list.

Please do yourself a favor. Stop thinking that this sport is only for the guys or is reserved just for athletic girls. It’s not. If you really want to try it, stop putting limitations on the sport and most of all—on yourself. There are a lot of women who are into this sport and believe us when we say that the great thing about them is their cautious attitude. Women are known to be more careful and attentive kite surfing students, plus they are generally aren’t about power or strength but the feeling they get when doing the sport. All you got to do is feel confident that you can do this sport with the proper guidance by a professional.

Yes, how the men will look at you as a beginner might be scary (and even pros are treated this way, too). They are stronger physically, and they also have the strength in numbers compared to the lady kite surfers. You need to get past that judgment so you can focus on learning the sport and eventually improving your skills. Paying attention to what they think can only slow down your progress.

The best way to learn is to begin now. Waiting will lead you nowhere. Take a vacation to some of the best kite surfing spots in the country, better yet in other parts of the world. Chances are they have beginner lessons. So instead of just lounging by the beach drinking mojito, why not take some action while on vacation? Besides, learning from a pro is also a great way to overcome your fear of learning while the guys keep staring at you.

It may be too exciting to buy the equipment you saw on the beach that kite surfers mostly use. To go shopping for gear and apparel, make sure that you do so according to your level of skills. You might get too overwhelmed in terms of brand, style, color and other factors, but remember that your safety should always be a top priority. It is best to ask the experts first, such as your trusted instructor or kitesurfer friends.

With all of these things in mind you now know the kind of attitude you need to possess when you want to learn this male-dominated sport. Being good at it will definitely take time, but the challenges shouldn’t really stop you from becoming a good kite surfer. Forget the stares of the guys at the beach that might give you the impression they think you can’t do it. Just focus on rewarding yourself with the thought that you are trying this sport because you want a challenge and you want to test your limits.

Also, when it comes to kite surfing apparel you wouldn’t want to be distracted by a potential nip slip. Bikinis tend to drift away if you crash and that will also hurt your skin. Best thing to do is cover up like wearing a rashguard, and aqua short, or surfing leggings.

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