How To Stay Protected From The Summer Sun

Summer is in full swing with many of us sporting our glowing golden tans. It’s natural to want to make the most out of summer and enjoy the sun, but if you are not protecting yourself, there can be serious long-term health risks. Here are our top tips for being smart during those glorious days out in the ocean.


At Platinum Sun, we know this one better than anyone because we made a business out of it, but it also happens to be one of the most practical ways to protect yourself from the sun. Covering up is also the best option for those who forget to reapply sunscreen regularly. Our rashguards and leggings are SPF 30 meaning you know you are always protected because fabric doesn’t wear off. While out in the sun, hats are advisable to protect your head, face and neck because, man, those heat headaches can ruin a beach day.

BONUS: Our long sleeve rashguards come with thumb holes, so your hands are 30 SPF protected, too! The thumb holes also come in handy if you are a kiter and don’t want callouses on your hand from the bar.

Sun Screen

We cannot cover up every inch of skin on our bodies without the possibility of feeling uncomfortable, so anywhere left out in the open will require a hearty application of sun screen. It’s important to use sunscreens that offer broad spectrum protecting from both UVA and UVB rays which both contribute to skin cancer, aging, and sunburn. Another important factor is the SPF; you need at least SPF 30, which filters out about 97% UVB rays. Also, don’t forget that sunscreen is not water or sweat proof so reapply every hour. Since our face is much more sensitive, it’s better to use a zinc oxide sunscreen because it is the most helpful ingredient and sits on top of the skin. Personally, we like to opt for the most natural choice, so we don’t slather our faces with chemicals.

This is why Platinum Sun makes SPF 30 sunscreen is paraben and fragrance-free and made with all natural ingredients to protect your face and our oceans reefs.


Sunscreens only increase the length of time your skin can safely be in the sun. However, it doesn’t make you invincible. The shade is the ultimate defense against the sun, and if you’re planning to spend all day at the beach, the best way is to find a shady spot to where you can regularly retreat.

Note that the harshest times to be in the sun are from 11 am – 3 pm, either avoid this time or cover up AND cream up!

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