How to Care for Sports Bras & Make them Last Longer

A recent research from University of Portsmouth, England concluded that jogging produces an average bounce of four inches, and may be more in certain women. This can also cause serious strain on the breast tissue. So while exercising is really a beneficial activity for women, caring for your breasts is necessary as well. Thank heavens for the inventors of sports bras!

Whether too gifted or flat-chested, the sports apparel industry boasts of many brands that market high quality sports bras for all types of fitness activities. Whether for campus sports, water activities, yoga sessions, or gym workouts, sports bras are among the clothing that produce high sales among women on an annual basis. With many brands to choose from, all you got to do is identify which ones can last longer and which ones provide the most comfortable and maximum support.

If you already have your collection of sports bras, you should know how to care for them as well! You have come to the right page.

It is actually too basic to care for sports bras, but too many women sometimes tend to forget that knowing how to care for them is as important as buying the best and strongest ones. Check out our tips below!

  1. Hand wash instead of machine wash.If you are like us who are too cautious about hygiene, it is best to wash your sports bras right after taking them off at home. Remember that sweat on any type of apparel, when dried up, invites bacteria buildup. If you are taking them off in the shower, then why not hand wash them right way? Nothing beats a sports bra that’s been hand washed right away after a workout. Goodbye germs that cause rashes!

  1. If you can’t help it and you feel the need to machine-wash, make sure that the hooks (if any) are fastened. Also, put the sports bra inside a lingerie bag before tossing them into the washing machine. This is to prevent the bra from getting caught on anything else in the wash.

  1. Don’t ever use fabric softeners! Most sports bra fabrics are not friendly to bleaches or softeners. By doing so, your sports bra will be coated by the components of the softeners and will eventually keep the fabric from breathing.

  1. Hang your sports bras dry after washing. Refrain from squeezing them or tossing them onto the dryer. The fabric will lose its elasticity and stretchability. Thus, it will not last long enough

  2. It is recommended to wash your sports bras after one to three wears. But if we were in your shoes, we’d use it once and then wash right away. While wearing one favorite sports bra today, what you’ll be using tomorrow is on the clothesline and the rest are in your drawer, right? Talk about fashion and style!

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