How Rashguards can protect you while you’re Surfing


Surfing is an activity that many enjoy, and some that individuals spend their entire lives practicing. Whether you’re a surfing enthusiast or just a first time surfer, it is important to be properly equipped before hitting the waves. While a sunny day may sound like the perfect time to surf, the sunlight can have harmful effects on your skin and result in a sunburn or worse. Rash guards is commonly used by surfers, but is also used for swimming at the beach on a sunny day. They provide a variety of benefits that is commonly overlooked. As the name suggests, it protects you from rashes caused by abrasions and sunburn. They are thin and light, and are designed to protect you from extreme sunlight.

Whether you’re looking to buy a regular rash guard, or a designer rash guard, it is important to understand the benefits of them. Some of the more common advantages are mentioned below.

  1. Keeps you warm and cool at the same time – Due to how rash guards are designed, they will help keep your body temperature at normal levels. This means that in warm weathers, the outfit will keep you cool, and in colder weathers, it will keep you warm. The fabric used in rash guards work well for all types of weather, making it quite flexible.
  2. Protection from harmful UV light– This is probably the main reason why people wear rash guards. They provide protection from harmful UV light, and when sitting at a beach for hours on end, the effects can be drastic.
  3. Not just for surfing – Rash guards don’t necessarily need to be used on the beach only, if you’re looking to go on a run before you surf, you can do so. It is also perfect for other types of activities such as gardening, jogging, kayaking, and more.

At Platinum Sun, we provide rash guards and swim suits that provide a level of functionality that is undeniably important for any regular beach-goer. And although sometimes they aren’t the most fashionable, the advantages of rash guards heavily outweigh them. Fortunately, our wide selection of designer rash guards add a whole new aspect to surfing.

They are well-designed and bring forth the artistic and unique side of you. They come in a variety of options, including simple designs with a logo on the chest side, or something more colorful and vibrant. Regardless of your preferences, design rash guards remove any reason not to wear one. They provide protection against rashes and sunburn from harmful UV light, are light and comfortable, and also fashionable. What more can you ask for?



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