Women's Neoprene Wetsuit Springsuit 2mm | Attina

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This top-quality 2.0mm flexible neoprene wetsuit provides both function and fashion and will give you the confidence to hit the water knowing that you are protected and comfortable doing what you love in style.

  • 2mm extra flexible neoprene
  • 3 layers fabric: Spandex/Polyester blend + Limestone neoprene + Spandex/Polyester blend
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Sharkskin neoprene on legs seals prevents muffin top and leaves legs smooth
  • Extra strong YKK#8 zipper
  • Zipper stopper
  • High-quality Velcro
  • Anti-glide leg seal
  • Zipped pocket

How the wetsuit should fit

Care Instructions

  • Avoid aerosols, chemical solvents, oil, and gasoline; they can stain and weaken the material.
  • Always rinse neoprene gear promptly after use. Never use hot water to rinse or wash neoprene. Always use cool or tepid water.
  • Use only cleaning products designed for neoprene.
  • Never let neoprene get too hot, even in a car.
  • Never machine wash or dry a neoprene garment. It tears easily when stretched.
  • Never put neoprene gear away while wet or damp. To dry a neoprene garment, turn it inside out and hang it from a thick, padded hanger. Wire hangers can damage the fabric.
  • Avoid folding or compressing neoprene gear.
  • For more info on extending the longevity of neoprene products, read our guide. For more info on how to extend the longevity of the neoprene products read our guide 


Shipping & returns

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Suggested water temperature 66.5+ Fahrenheit

Non-fading colors

Extraordinarily brilliant colors will stay bright and withstand abuse from saltwater and chlorinated pools

No-scratch adjustable Velcro closure

You cannot feel it when you touch it, but it is super strong. It doesn’t catch hair or beards

Velcro zip guard (zipper stopper)

A velcro zipper holder is used to avoid unexpected open

Anti-glide sleeve seal

Anti-glide soft shark skin sleeve seal

Internal key stash pocket

Pocket fits a standard credit card and has a loop for keys

Long and strong YKK zipper

Extra strong YKK zipper made from the finest quality plastic to ensure extra strength & reliability

Flat-lock seams

Strong and flexible seams lie flat during wear, eliminating chafing and drag during watersports activities.


Legs seals are made of super soft and stretchy shark skin neoprene which prevents muffin top and leaves legs smooth


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