When do men wear swim shirts?

          A swim shirt can work whenever, but most like them for sun protection or a little extra warmth. As far as other upper options for men’s swimwear, rash guards are similar but have more specific uses. Rash guards were invented to prevent rashes during water sports like surfing. However, now that sun protection is more of a priority, they are among the best men’s swimwear. Nowadays, swim shirts, rash guards and swim leggings are popular for tropical vacations. That’s because they protect from the quick transition into bright sunlight and water-reflected light. 

          How important is quality for men’s water-sport clothing?

          Men’s designer swimwear, or water-sport clothing of that caliber, is a sound investment. The reason that quality is important is the destruction that sand and sun can wreak on fabric. Likewise, water sports can agitate the soft material of swimsuits. In extreme sports like surfing, wakeboarding and kitesurfing, the seams will be tested as well. Therefore, the quality of the fabric and seams is vital. It can mean the difference between board shorts, wetsuits or rash guards lasting one year or five. The best men’s swimwear also holds its coloring and screening for years. Full sublimation is the way to guarantee that clothes stay composed and bright after years of water-sport usage. 

          What features does Platinum Sun’s men’s clothing offer?

          In both the crafting and functionality of Platinum Sun’s clothing, no detail is left behind. Unlike with gym wear or office wear, water-sport clothing must last to be worth the investment. Wear and tear from sand, sun and agitation make cheap rash guards and neoprene jackets not worth the while. Between the potential for peeling, ripping, shrinking, and fading, there is no reason to buy poorly constructed swimwear. Also, certain features that premium brands offer can keep you focused on your sport, not your swimwear.

          Meanwhile, Platinum Sun offers quality composition in the fabric. The seams have flatlock stitching and are placed to avoid irritation. Full sublimation keeps designs bright year after year. With a board shorts fastener or an anti-glide silicone strip at the shirt bottom, we ensure you can focus on catching waves and never getting board burn. Quick-drying technology keeps you more comfortable out of the water. Our neoprene jackets have all the bells and whistles. With Velcro sleeve cuffs, zipped pockets and hood fasteners, you can batten down the hatches in the cold. Kiteboarders love the drainage holes and harness zipper. Meanwhile, our swim leggings offer such great gradient compression that men wear them to work out too. Breathable and quick-drying, they’re great for between sessions and doing yoga. Although it’s not a traditional “feature,” men love how well they expand to fit different body shapes, including tall men. 


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