Product care instructions

What is the best method to care for my Wetsuit? 
Care varies by personal preference and different recommendations but the basics are:

Rinse with fresh water after every use. Clean with wetsuit shampoo every 3-5 uses for maximum life time. Oil buttons and zippers every few months. For more info on how to extend the longevity of the neoprene products read our guide 

What is the best method to care for my rash guards and leggings? 

  • Hand-rinse your rash guard with cool water right after taking it off.
  • Never use hot water, only cool or lukewarm
  • Turn the garment inside out and hand wash, using a biodegradable soap
  • It’s best to use a shampoo or cleaner designed for cleaning rash guards or wetsuits.
  • Hang dry away from direct sun or heat
  • Don’t fold or ball up the garment because it can weaken the fabric
  • Don’t leave it in the trunk of your car because it can be damaged by the heat