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What’s different about Platinum Sun’s yoga mats?

Platinum Sun’s employees fell in love with the feeling of a cork yoga mat. For that reason, our luxury yoga mats integrate cork, beautiful designs, ideal thickness and durability.

Cork is durable, resilient and anti-bacterial. It’s especially great for hot yoga, because once cork gets wet, it grips better, not worse. In a hot yoga class, you’re often not sweating just a little, either. Cork naturally has little bubbles of air that give it bounce and a soft, hypo-allergenic feel.

Platinum Sun’s yoga mats aren’t just durable, eco-friendly and designed for a variety of practices. The designs also turn them into a work of art. When you’re feeling tired at the end of class in another downward dog, an elephant or wisdom tree peers back at you, urging you to push it out. Likewise, in Yin when you fold over, the figure on that mat below lets you know you’re not alone, even for …five…long…minutes.

How long do yoga mats last?

A quality yoga mat can last at least a decade. Meanwhile, cheap yoga mats can start peeling and flaking right away. If you’re often using it on a clean surface in your own home where you won’t need to clean it, they can last even longer.

Cork yoga mats are naturally very durable. After you’ve been practicing on it for years, you can even sand a cork yoga mat to freshen up the surface, which isn’t possible with synthetic mats.

How to store yoga mats?

The first key to owning a yoga mat is to ensure you have a good roll-up system. That is, getting a strap to easily carry it makes life easier. When attending a class, you want to easily sling it over your shoulder. At the end of class, having a short roll-up process without a case saves time when everyone is cleaning up their yoga mats and accessories

Cork yoga mats are naturally anti-bacterial, so there’s less of a need to clean them. They’re also less visually intrusive in your home than other brightly colored synthetic yoga mats. People often don’t feel the need to gather up cork mats  when company comes.

Where to buy yoga mats?

Although yoga mats aren’t hard to find in most decent-sized towns these days, getting a quality yoga mat is a different story. Some businesses even give poorly made ones away as S.W.A.G to advertise.

Those and other cheap versions are exactly the kind you want to avoid. That’s because they may shred, don’t wash well, or will roll up on their own when you want them to stay down. There’s no real problem with thin yoga mats, however, thicker mats just feel better.

With just a general idea of the specifications you want, it sometimes makes sense to buy yoga mats online. A greater selection and unique designs will make your practice feel more personal. It’s nice to start off your practice feeling inwardly connected, which is harder to do with a generic mat from a department store or general sports store.


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