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          Can swim leggings be worn to work out?

          Swim leggings aren’t that different from workout leggings. They are made from a stretchier material (spandex and polyester) which is more like a swimsuit. The material provides a host of benefits for a workout. High-quality swim leggings are great for yoga because all of the fabric stretches four ways, not just in key areas that tend to bend. Also, they make great gym leggings because they wick moisture, dry quickly and breathe. This is key when the gym is hot or humid, or when sweating outside. Good-quality swim leggings have wide, flattering waistbands just like premium exercise leggings. Some men even prefer to work out in men’s swim leggings due to their compression and gradient pressure properties. 

          Why are cork yoga mats popular?

          Cork yoga mats have so many attributes that there isn’t a simple answer. With anti-bacterial, anti-friction and anti-slip properties, cork prevents calamities better than most yoga and workout products. They’re eco-friendly. With high-density cushioning, your joints, feet and hands will thank you for choosing cork. For hot yoga, there’s no better material than cork. When your goals are to sweat, stretch and tone, cork doesn’t require as much cleaning. Better yet, you won’t need to place a towel over your mat. With sustainable harvesting from cork trees that replenish themselves, you can stay guilt-free as you de-stress and stretch it all out.

          What should you look for in a sports bra?

          While there is a lot of variation in preferences for sports bras, there are a few features that most people like. There is no reason not to opt for moisture-wicking, quick-drying, antibacterial fabric. Removable pads also meet the needs of most: one way, the other, or both ways! Finally, don’t forget style. Whether you wear a shirt over it or not, looking good can put pep in your step.

          How do Platinum Sun’s products with moisture-wicking, quick-drying technology make for more comfortable workouts?

          Platinum Sun makes a variety of products for workout-related activities. We love promoting a healthy lifestyle and design our clothes for people who have trouble sitting still (except in yin yoga). So we prioritize keeping your workouts comfortable and hassle-free in terms of unwanted moisture and germs. After being on the water-sport scene for a few years, we’re experts in quick-drying materials. Our leggings prevent moisture from pooling in the fabric and wick it away to the surface where it can evaporate. That way, you can head to the store or restaurant after the gym. Likewise, our cork yoga mats are perfect for studios, gyms and warm sessions at home. They absorb water yet remain anti-bacterial and anti-slip.

          If heading to a yoga retreat in the tropics, there’s no better duo than our swim leggings, rash guards and cork mats. Who wouldn’t want to wear a low-friction, breathable, UPF-50 suit around in the sun, heat and humidity? Also, for intense or low-key water sports, you can get in and out of the water like a real amphibian.


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