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          Are rash guards and swim shirts the same?

          Overall, rash guards and swim shirts have a lot of the same properties. They’re both comfortable shirts that provide coverage from the sun and keep you a little warmer on the beach or in the water. They can be made of similar material. However, rash guards are meant to fit like a second skin and to withstand many types of agitation during water sports. When surfing or kiteboarding, rash guards fit tightly so that you don’t have to fuss with rolled fabric while trying to catch rides. Some rash guards have thumb holes and a rubbery lining on the shirt bottom to secure them.

          Meanwhile, there are a variety of swim shirts nowadays. Most aren’t constructed to withstand upsets and friction from boards, harnesses and wipeouts like rash guards are. However, there’s no reason why a rash guard can’t be used as a swim shirt for women. Swimwear is a category of clothing that now includes fuller options in the 21st century, like swim shirts, rash guards, swim leggings and shorty swimsuits.

          Can swim leggings and neoprene jackets be worn outside of active water sports?

          While these clothes may look like specialized gear, they actually lend well to other purposes. For example, swim leggings are fast becoming a staple in the wardrobes of lifeguards, camp counselors and water-sport instructors. These folks may end up splashed. However, they don’t always plan on exercising. Swim leggings are a stretchy material that does well in other activities like yoga, pilates and jogging. 

          Similarly, neoprene jackets can protect anywhere wind and cool air or water temperatures could make you shiver. They do well for fishing, boating and anywhere splashes can reach. However, beware the specialized features if you plan on wearing them to stay dry in a downpour.

          Why does Platinum Sun have the best water-sport apparel for women?

          The reasons why Platinum Sun has superior water-sport clothes and gear are related to something more familiar: the qualities of the best swimwear. For women, comfort, style, quality material and predictability of coverage are important factors in choosing swimwear. All of these considerations matter for water-sport apparel too. Did you notice we said style? With many water-sport brands that added women’s clothes onto a male brand, the style factor still hasn’t caught up. Our styles aren’t quiet…and that’s our way of saying that you can express yourself in water gear. Water sports are fun, and your clothes should be too! 

          In terms of quality and features, as water-sport instructors and gear aficionados, we love leveling up our designs based on function. Another of our priorities is giving our customers many uses for one garment. You should be able to wear the same clothes for work-outs, water sports and lounging. We love building clothes with fabrics ready to go everywhere you do. And the same goes for the features: who doesn’t want thumbholes on a cold run? Why shouldn’t your stretchy swim leggings go bend with you at yoga? 


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