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          When should you wear fuller swimwear like rash guards, swim leggings and shorty swimsuits?

          There are no strict rules about when you can wear these clothes. In fact, it’s a shame that fuller swimwear has only come into fashion in the past decade! Any of these items can be worn like a swimsuit or for sun protection. You can wear rash guards as swim shirts. No one should be forced into wearing less clothing.  However, they really shine for water sports. They protect from rashes from gear and scrapes during wipeouts. When kitesurfing, surfing or bodyboarding, we’ve got you covered. If you wipe out, you don’t have to worry about who saw what. You can focus on gathering your gear, correcting your technique or glaring at whoever messed you up, wildlife included.

          When and why would you wear a neoprene jacket?

          Neoprene jackets are the cool-weather answer for water sports and boating. Those in areas with cold water year-round will appreciate them too. Platinum Sun’s neoprene jackets are useful in many outdoor adventures, but they have a few special features for kitesurfing. They also offer wind protection, so you can pretend you’re in the Caribbean any day. Unisex and easy to size, they make a great gift for those who love sand, water and ripping fish out left and right with their favorite rod.

          Why should you get a different beach towel for water sports?

          The ease of packing and carrying Platinum Sun’s lightweight beach towels sets them apart. The only thing worse than lugging a big beach towel in your bag, or dealing with a cheap, thin, touristic towel, is carrying either of those around wet and sandy. Our towels won’t drag sand with them, even when wet. They’re still extra soft. Thin, luscious and resistant to sticky sand, you can pack multiple towels in the same space for a comfier water-side experience. We know that loose towels in a big bag are the worst. Our towels come with a packing pouch.

          Why does Platinum Sun have the best water-sport clothing? 

          Platinum Sun is not just another surf, swim and sun shop. Our clothing is designed, manufactured and tested by water-sport athletes, although you don’t ever have to sport to rock it! The designs are made to stand out. As water-sport instructors and enthusiasts ourselves, we take every measure to ensure our clothes last season after season. Adding special features to the garments lights us up. We hope the features and quality transmit that same enthusiasm to our customers. Helping people focus on their water-sport technique, boating adventure or just a fulfilling day by providing amphibious clothing is our goal. Sunburn, exposure and rashes, begone! Last but not least, we offer free shipping in the U.S and sometimes free priority shipping. Swim, sun and smile your way to a happier and healthier life!


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