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Where to buy a sports bra.

Sports bras aren’t hard to find, but most high-quality ones are overpriced. Likewise, those on sale or at discount stores are usually marked down for good reason—a fact you may not find out until you get them home.

With Platinum Sun, you don’t have to worry about hidden problems. That’s because the specifics and facts are well laid out in their product details for all sports bras for women. 

How to wear a sports bra

A sports bra is made to fit tightly, but not too tightly. Alas, there is a lot of variation for the fit that individuals want and need in a sports bra. That’s because the fit can depend on the activity, the temperature, bra size, body mass index and just plain personal preference.

In addition, there’s the eternal question of no pads, removable pads or permanent pads (for swimsuits too). Removable pads can be an annoying feature of even the best sports bras for women.

It’s best to have a sports bra that compresses a bit yet lets you breathe. In the 2020s, preferring plain cotton over moisture-wicking fabric isn’t common. Overall, the wearer should forget they have their sports bra on, unless it has a rocking design they want to show off.

What is the best sports bra?

While there’s a ton of room for individual variation with such an important piece of clothing, there are a few common preferences. The majority have to do with comfort of course. There are few garments more frustrating than an irritating, ill-fitting or ill-crafted bra.  

Most women agree the best sports bra is moisture-wicking. This is because it’s not difficult to start sweating in this area. On that note, anti-bacterial sports bras also eliminate the need to comb through laundry and pay extra attention to your sports bras. Or worse, you could have to pitch them.

Flatlock seams also cut down on irritation, because they don’t stand up and grate against the skin. They’re the boxy kind that lies flat.

What is special about Platinum Sun’s sports bras?

Platinum Sun’s sports bras combine a number of features that make them superior. With the features mentioned above, including moisture wicking technology, an anti-bacterial finish and flatlock seams, they meet the requirements.

But don’t doubt that they go above and beyond the basics. Anyone who has ever worn a sports bra knows that the number one concern unless you won’t actually exercise in it, is the feel of the fabric.

Checkmate here! The fabric will turn you into a fan who recommends these bras to friends and family. With full support, they provide an athletic contoured fit. Furthermore, the cut and fabric ensure a four-way stretch so that you don’t have to worry about it being too restricting in some areas and too loose in others. They stretch the right amount while still compressing. We know this is key in the best sports bras for women.

The best comes last. Platinum Sun’s sports bras are as interesting and rad as the rest of their outerwear. With custom designs that will turn heads, or just be your fun secret that makes you look forward to working out, our sports bras are cut to be a cut above.


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