What are swim leggings?

      Swim leggings aren’t much more complicated than the name. They’re leggings you can wear to swim, or at the beach or pool. Currently, water-sport athletes and enthusiasts love them the most. However, they’re getting more and more popular with the general public.

      We know one major reason why. It’s because swim leggings are ridiculously comfortable! The material is more like a swimsuit than regular leggings because it’s a bit slinkier. There’s a variety of activities for which swim leggings are perfect. Lounging about is definitely one of them too.

      Why are swim leggings gaining popularity?

      Truly, it’s more than just comfort, of course. Some people prefer to swim or do water sports in long pants, need to wear them because of the temperature or just love the feel of the material. They offer more protection from the sun, rashes, chafing and scrapes during water sports.

      The volume of sales of Platinum Sun swim leggings didn’t surprise us. An increasing number of people are worrying about sun protection and do water sports year-round. In sports like surfing, kiteboarding or waterskiing, there’s a certain security that comes with having your entire lower body covered up tightly.

      When wiping out, you can focus on how to correct your technique next time. That’s better than focusing on who saw what while you crashed. Surfing leggings surely made sense and there’s no reason why people shouldn’t wear them for similar activities, or just outside when they may get wet.

      Some people end up wearing swim leggings to the gym or yoga because they just love wearing them. Overall, it’s really surprising they took this long to become popular.

      Where to buy swim leggings?

      Although they’re slowly becoming more common in brick-and-mortar stores, there’s more of a selection of swim leggings online. Unlike swimsuits and full wetsuits, swim leggings have more general sizing, so they’re easier to buy without trying on first. At Platinum sun, they come in four or five sizes, as in a general small, medium, and so on.

      Platinum Sun swim leggings are popular for both men and women. They’re moisture-wicking and quick-drying. When worn out of the water they’re breathable. With swim leggings, you can become truly amphibious, especially in the tropics where you need clothes to breathe in the heat.

      Likewise, because they dry quickly, you won’t suffer as long if you have to get out of the water in colder weather. Since they’re not see-through and stretch in four ways, you won’t feel self-conscious or restricted. Hopefully, you can forget you’re wearing them!

      With a UPF of 50+, you needn’t worry about getting too much sun either. Our women’s designs are fun, and at the least, no one can say they aren’t interesting. The designs range from statement-making to more traditional, but still trendy. The men’s leggings are plainer but still include detailing. We think once you get a pair of our swim leggings, you won’t be tempted to shop elsewhere.


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