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Lightweight Sand-Free Beach Towel – Kiteboarding


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Your best surf, beach and travel companion.

This eye-catching, double-sided microfiber towel will provide comfort and convenience whether you are traveling the world, taking a break from a surf session, or just chilling on the beach.

It is so compact and lightweight that you forget that it’s even there. This towel is easy to store in your bag or luggage. The material is absorbent enough that it can hold at least 5x its weight in water and is so soft that it’s like using clouds to dry your skin. 

Stunning double-sided design – a perfect gift for anybody

Designed and labored with twice the love to create the most eye-catching, double-sided design that will surely turn heads at the beach or wherever you may go.

With its awesome look and amazing features, anybody who receives this as a gift will surely enjoy it. Let them be reminded to take a short break from their everyday routine and have some fun at the beach or just relax poolside.

 The PS Instructor Program discount is available to club owners, surf, kitesurf, swim, paddleboard, or any other watersports instructors.
  • Unique double-sided design

Designed with love and passion to make you stand out from the beach crowd. Each towel has a different design on either side of the towel.  Best recommended by kitesurfers for kitesurfers. 

  • Super absorbent

Made of high-quality premium microfiber fabric which is super-absorbent. Absorbs 5x its own weight and dries in minutes

  • Sand-free

Leave the sand on the beach where it belongs! Microfiber repels sand better than cotton, keeping your beach bag, travel bag and car sand free!  Sand slips off easily even when the towel is wet; just give your towel a good shake

  • Rapid-dry

Dries 5 times faster than a regular cotton towel

  • Anti-bacterial

It doesn’t hold moisture. Smell-free, bacteria-free. It’ll stay fresh and keep odor & germs away

  • Compact & light 

Space saving and without the bulk. Big towel, yet is small in your bag! 

  • Soft on your skin

Ultra soft and smooth to the touch, with a silky suede feel; adding style & comfort to your next vacation

  • Multi-purpose

Use it for sports, outdoors, daily life. Best for backpacking, watersports, travel, camping, swimming, yoga, golf, gym…

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