Hello Yoga enthusiasts!

If you have reached till here, consider your search completed.

We have something in store that might be super valuable for you. Platinum Sun has got you your dream yoga mat. Okay fine, we are exaggerating. Nobody dreams about yoga mats. We agree. But you haven’t laid your eyes on our Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat yet. Check this beauty out and who knows, buying it might feel like fulfilling a dream.

The Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat is perfect for every yoga pose. It is made with the bark of a tree and is therefore antimicrobial in nature. It doesn’t matter how sweaty your body is, it will not only save you from slipping but also absorb your sweat, thereby repelling germs and odor. As the name suggests, it is made naturally and is completely eco-friendly. The material of the mat is organic and reusable. Even the paint that is used to design it is chemical-free. Water-based inks are used to print images and they are environment-friendly.

The Yoga mat is super relaxing. Its base is made of rubber that makes it very comfortable. All the regular yoga practitioners – you guys are gonna love it in an instant. And if you’re only starting out – there’s nothing better than this mat to provide you the most needed extra sense of security and support. It also comes with a strap to hold it so that it could be added to your next travel accessory checklist.

With its elephant design, it will look no less than a piece of admiration in your living room. It is not only elegant, but also signifies strength, patience, and stability. Whenever you’ll see it, you are going to be filled with a feeling of motivation instantly.

Trust us, this pretty yoga mat would get all the necks turned at you the next time you enter the yoga class. All your friends are gonna ask you about Platinum Sun. You’re allowed to play with their minds a little at the start but promise us, you would tell them. After all, you don’t want them to lose out on all the comfort, do you?