Let’s start with a fun fact, shall we?
Did you know a wetsuit helps in repelling water?
No, right? Well, we didn’t either.
We got to know this just now and we can’t help but think whether the wetsuit’s water-repelling quality would help us win that huge water marathon event or not.

The answer is NO, of course.

What, we aren’t athletes!

But if you are one, a wetsuit is beneficial to you for not one, not two, but for five reasons.

The most basic and primary job of a wetsuit is to provide warmth to your body in that chilly seawater. The water could be really cold even on a summer afternoon. Platinum Sun uses top-notch material to make sure you have a comfortable swim.

Now about the water-repelling – Wetsuit tops and bottoms have SCS (Super Composite Skin) coatings. Without going all scientific, just know they repel water and as a result, helps you swim faster.

Now there is a very slight possibility of your competitors not wearing one, given that the Platinum Sun has a wide variety of women wetsuits and men swim shirts, but in case they don’t, start grinning because you already have an upper hand.

We are sure our swimmer friends need no introduction to the concept of buoyancy. Buoyancy helps your body swim higher in the water resulting in the increase of your swimming speed. The material of the wetsuit helps in creating this effect.

Looks like wetsuits are guide-buddies to help you win.

If you aren’t a swim champion, worry not. These wetsuits are equally worthwhile even if you are only starting to learn swimming. The above-mentioned benefits are applicable in the pools as well. Also, wearing one would give you confidence which is important in the beginning.

And if you are like us and only enter the pool to soak the sun – get happy because wetsuits have sun-protective shirts and bottoms. Yeah, Platinum Sun will save you from that sunburn too.

Once you check out our collection, you will know our wetsuits aren’t fashion-deficient. Yes, we have all kinds of styles, colors, patterns – and for everyone. Whether it’s a men’s windbreaker swim shirt or an all-print women’s top suit, go ahead with what’s on your mind. Because Platinum Sun delivers wetsuits that are high-quality, comfortable, and of the perfect fit. Trust us, you wouldn’t regret investing in a Platinum Sun’s wetsuit.