When you’re in the mood to go sassy, what’s better than a cute piece of swim shorts, right?

Platinum Sun’s women swim shorts are perfect for the days when the weather is in your favor. The sun has sweet warmth to it and the wind is aptly breezy; you know, the kind of day that’s perfect for a beach. Take your shorts out and pair it with your favorite swim top.

These are no ordinary shorts. Being made up of polyester and spandex, they provide you the coverage you need. They dry up quickly when you come out of the water, leaving no room for bacterial infection.

You might wonder why not your chic beachy shorts having floral prints. After all, you have been dreaming of wearing that since forever.

Well, while your favorite shorts might make you feel stylish, our swim shorts will provide you functionality. From a stroll on the beach to indulgence in water sports, they are practical for every activity. In fact, these are feasible for non-water activities as well. Pair them up with your sports bra and get to exercising, dancing, or yoga. These are welcomed as nicely at gyms and parks as at beaches.

We have the most classic color for your beach short – black. It will go with every swim top. Play with colors or go monochromatic – do as you like. To add an extra gleam of fashion to your look, we also provide three pairs of colorful strings, other than black – Rainbow, Mystica, Azzura. These will give a nice pop of color to your shorts.

Unlike other shorts, these will give you breathing space. It is made with a four-way stretchy fabric and saves your skin from being too itchy or sweaty. Even if the weather makes your skin sweaty, trust the fabric of the shorts that’s moisture-wicking. It proves useful when you’re involved in some workout activity.

All you need to do is set your priorities right. Put your hygiene and skin first. When you do that, you understand the importance of a pair of swim shorts. With such a comfortable pair of swim shorts, wear your confidence, and shine at the beach. We promise your day will be no less than perfect.