The sun is setting leaving the traces of its warmth on the sand. Waves come crashing to the shore. The wind brushes lightly against your face. You are moving ahead towards the water cherishing the sprinkles of the waves on your body.

Doesn’t this serene vision make you wanna hit the beach? If yes, clear off your weekend dates already. Because ladies, this time, you are going to be vogue, classy, comfortable, and safe – yes, all at the same time.

Platinum Sun has come up with a wide variety of rash guards for women. These rash guards are made with premium lycra textures that’ll fit your body like an additional layer of skin. It’ll allow your body to have full movement at the beach not interrupting your fun.

For those of you wondering about the objective of rash guards – Rash guards are primarily used for surfing. It safeguards your body from getting rashes by surfboards or sand. So all the lady surfers, get excited because you don’t need to compromise on fashion while embarking your journey of adventure.

But Rash guards serve so much more than just safety. It provides protection from the harsh UV rays. Whether you are a surfer or just a beach lover, getting a sunburn can’t be on your wish list. So get your hands on the long sleeve rash guard for women and let your organs soak the sun.

It is no secret how much a woman adjusts with the comfort part to pull off fashion. Platinum Sun breaks the tradition by giving you ladies a sweet combination of both. Be it a short-sleeve shirt or a mock neck long sleeve swim top; a botanical print or geo-prints; say it and you’ll get it. We want you to ace your style game every second.

We are a group of individuals who are passionate about swimwear. Whether you are out in the ocean windsurfing/kayaking; or lying around at the beach making sand house – take Platinum Sun with you. It will shield your body and make your day at the beach worth counting.