Be it a lounge-one or an adventurous one, if it’s a beach day – you are lucky to have arrived here. We, at Platinum Sun, are all set to give your trip to the beach the care and attention it deserves. You ask how?


The answer is in front of your eyes, in beautiful patterns and bright colors. Yes, Rash Guards for men and women, both.


Our rash guards, made with top-notch fabric, can’t not be your go-to choice in swimwear. As its name suggests, it saves you from rashes you get from surfboards or sand. Along with that, a long-sleeve rashguard is a great swim shirt to protect you from UV rays.


And fret not! Gone are the days when you had to cover your body with boring prints for the sake of safety. Check out the latest prints we have. Go monochrome with our white adjustable swim shirt or wear all the colors like a crown with a rainbow rash guard. Whether you are a fan of stripes or a flag bearer of simplicity, we are your answer for every fashion style.


Be it men or women, a rash guard hugs your body like a beauty. You can practically spend an entire day wearing it. Go into the water, play in the sand, walk around, get into a beach race, have a shot at volleyball, or go surfing or diving; it is perfectly comfortable for every activity. You don’t need to hustle between attires. You are at the beach to enjoy, not to spend hours changing into dresses.


You are yet to hear the best part. You can go into the water as many times as you want. Rash guards have quick-drying material. You don’t have to deal with the soaked outfit for hours. It’ll be dry before any bacterial formation takes place.


Convinced yet? Of course, you are. There’s no way you can turn down a swimwear that has a package of benefits. Just choose your type.


Loose or tight? Get a fit that suits you.

Fabric? Lycra, polyester, neoprene, or nylon-spandex – we have it all.

Style? Long-sleeve or short-sleeve – whichever you are comfortable in.


Just dive into the world of water with Platinum Sun and believe us, you’d have the ride of your life.