If you are a fan of water adventures, neoprene jackets must not be an unfamiliar term for you.

Wait, what?

You have no clue what these are?

Be thankful that you always have Platinum Sun at your back.

Neoprene jackets are your savior on the days when the weather isn’t behaving. The wind is chilly and freezing, making the water even colder, capable of numbing your body. How do you go under the water in such situations? Neoprene jackets are your solution, my friend.

These jackets are made of neoprene which is a synthetic rubber. The material is resistant to cold. Once you zip the jacket up, it will block the wind chills that hit your body and make you feel warmer.

Be it any water sport, scuba diving, boating, kite boarding, wearing it will protect you. In fact, fishermen also wear them while fishing. Even if the weather isn’t giving you chills, if you go deep, the seawater is always a little colder than usual.

You aren’t at the beach for indulging in water sports and simply vibing with the beach’s serenity – you may still need a jacket. Instead of topping your beachwear with a shrug or casual jacket, pull off a neoprene jacket on your swim shirt. It’ll protect you from getting sick, will keep you warm, and complete your swimwear look in an athletic manner.

Platinum Sun always tries to offer you more than the value. We have jackets that have a harness attached to them. You don’t need to waste your time hooking and unhooking. All the kite trainers, you know your destination now.

By now, you must have understood that whatever we do, we never miss the fashion element. We take it upon ourselves to make you look the most stylish person on the beach. These unisex neoprene jackets are designed in a hoodie style. With all the cool colors, brightening up your look will be a matter of seconds.

Having a neoprene jacket is a must in your swim wardrobe. So get your hands on this. It’s time that you add a neoprene jacket in your beachwear kit.