A long-due vacation to a beach is always fun. Water adventures, sports, sand houses, games, sunbathing – it is super exciting. But do you know what’s also exciting? Planning for the same dream vacation.

There’s so much shopping to do, so many decisions to make, so many choices to make. Checklists after checklists. There are innumerable things to manage. While we trust you with the major stuff, there is a possibility that few items do not make it to your list.

With Platinum Sun, you don’t have to worry. We are here to provide you with the names of essential accessories that you may have missed out.

The first item is a waterproof dry bag. You sure have your trolleys ready but a backpack that comes handy is super important. Where else are you gonna keep your handy essentials – the keys, wallets, mobile phones, sunscreen, cards, beach wears? Don’t tell us you were considering your handbags. You are going to a beach to enjoy. You don’t want yourself stressing over your stuff getting soaked. You need a high-quality, waterproof, stain-resistant bag that’s as strong and rough as you are gonna be around the waves. Platinum Sun has just the right Adventure Bag for you. Mind you, it’s called so for a reason. The Adventure Bags will prove their comfort and convenience not just when you are strolling around, but even when you are kayaking, surfing, or rafting. Yeah, we have trained it well to take the pressure. Plus, it’s super spacious.

The next item is a sunscreen stick. We cannot stress enough how important it is to carry a sunscreen stick with you. You never, I repeat, NEVER want to come back with sunburn on your skin. While you can take care of the entire body with sunscreen lotion, your face, lips, nose, and ears are gonna be exposed to those damaging UV sun rays. Trust Platinum Sun on this and get yourself a Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Stick. It is made with natural ingredients and gives your exposed skin the right amount of moisture it needs. It’s absolutely non-greasy and stays with your skin even in the water. Just glide it on every few hours and prevent dryness and burning of your skin. It’s small and pocket-friendly, sparing you space in your waterproof dry bag (wink, wink).

The last thing that we’ll suggest you is Platinum Sun’s cute little Lightweight Sand-Free Beach Towel. You will be sold just by looking at the cool designs and colors but let us tell you, it has more than just looks. It’s a light and compact towel, made with microfiber fabric that dries super-quickly. The microfibers also help in repelling sand particles keeping your stuff sand-free. Since it is super-absorbent, it’ll stay fresh and odor-free.

Aren’t these beach accessories helpful? Start exploring already and buy yourself and your family a bunch of these. Platinum Sun is only waiting to deliver happiness at your doors.